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    How GREAT I am!

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    Icon12 [Big Event] iMU Duel Kings

    iMU Duel Kings

    Hello Infinitians!

    - This event will be held every sunday (GMT+8 Singapore time 9pm 2 hours before the regular Castle Siege Event)
    - Character Classes: Blade Master
    - The Battle will be 1 VS 1
    - Must be 16 Participants
    - We will trade "AshCrow Breaker(4opts) & AshCrow Set(3opts) for those participants before start to fight, so you have to fight with these item
    - There will be 3 rounds for every fight(Final fight will be 5 rounds) to have a more fair battle.


    1. Uber set/weapons are not allowed(You have to use specific set/weapon without yellow options we offer you)
    2. Shield is not allowed
    3. Any kind of Mounts & Pets are not allowed like imps, angels, unicorn, dinorants and so on
    4. Fenrirs are not allowed as well
    5. Those who register to participate, if any of them would not show up in the event, they will be banned from the registration for 1 weeks

    Registration Procedures:

    First 16 participants will be eligible to participate in the event and it will be a like Uefa Champions League.
    This is now iMU Champions League: 16-8-4-2-1(Duel King)
    Registration will be open every Friday

    How to join; Post in the thread to follow this template:
    In Game Nickname:
    Class of Character:


    2000GC+3 imes points
    Special Tag for the Champion:

    List of the iMU Duel Kings Event time by countries

    Thanks to RESiSTANT & Dreams for their support

    Thanks to Scarlette for the Banner/Tag

    Thank You,
    The InfinityMU Staff Team

    Spoiler for WINNERS:

    October 2016
    09.10 - -![ZERO]!-
    16.10 - UFO_PO.RNO
    23.10 - #DeFJ@M!
    30.10 -
    November 2016
    06.11 - #Arag
    13.11 - >Candice:3
    20.11 - #Arag
    15.01 - Majorr
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  2. The Following 30 Users Say Thank You to Sava For This Useful Post:

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