From now on we'll have rules for localized forums since nowdays I see a lots of spam there and that's not good. These rules are written to stop this. So get the time and read them carefully.

You must not post in localized forum if your not from the certain country (by this I mean posts like "hi" etc... are considered as a spam, and of course if you know the other language VERY WELL you are allowed to post).
Rule#2. You must not harrash or insult other players in your language.
Rule#3. You must not talk about other servers in your language.
Rule#4. You must not create spam threads (forum events, we've got a forum vents section for this).
Rule#5. You must not discuss and give feedbacks regarding InfinityMU server in your language. All feedbacks is accepted only in the public english Suggestions section.

For now it's all, anyone from the staff can add a rule if it's necessary.

The punishment will be, 3 days ban for the one who broke the rules and closure of the localized forum for 1 week where rules has been broken.

The InfinityMu Team,