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  1. [Big Event] Marathon
  2. [Big Event] MU WARS
  3. [Big Event] Guild Tournament
  4. [Large Contest] King of the Dungeon
  5. [BIG EVENT]Weekly/Monthly PK Event
  6. [BIG EVENT]TagTeam, Special Edition
  7. [BIG EVENT]Combo King
  8. [BIG EVENT]Add Joh Event
  9. [Big Event] Friday Night Events
  10. Guild Vs Guild!
  11. Get a Free Uber Set This Christmas ^_^
  12. Team Attack Battle.
  13. The big race.
  14. [Big Event] Mr./Ms. nfinity MU
  15. [Big Event] Infinity Idol - May
  16. [Big Event] Infinity Idol - August
  17. [Big Monthly Event] Kill The Boss
  18. [Big Event] Infinity Idol - September
  19. [Big Event] Halloween Event
  20. [BIG EVENT]PK Special
  21. [Big Event] - November Infinity Idol
  22. [BIG EVENT]Massive PK Event [2Spots/NoMove]
  23. [BIG EVENT]Kill Staff Team Event !
  24. [BIG EVENT] Tag Team Event (BK's)
  25. [Big Events] Hosted by Alex and Sm0keN
  26. [Xmas Event] The Best Christmas Tree
  27. Infinity Dance Contest 2012
  28. [BIG EVENT] PK Monthly Winner
  29. [BIG EVENT] Infinity Idol
  30. [BIG EVENT] Infinity Idol
  31. [BIG EVENT] Soccer Tournament!
  32. [BIG EVENT] MU Wars.
  33. [BIG EVENT] Infinity Idol
  34. [BIG EVENT] Infinity Idol - August
  35. [BIG EVENT] Infinity Idol - September!
  36. [BIG EVENT] October Infinity Idol!
  37. [Big Event] November Infinity Idol
  38. [Big Event] December Infinity Idol
  39. [Xmas Event] The Best Christmas Tree #2.
  40. [Big Event] January Infinity Idol
  41. [Announced Event] Tournament
  42. [Big Event] The Perfect Infinity Couple of 2013
  43. [Big Event] February Infinity Idol
  44. [Big Event] Valentine's Day
  45. [Big Event] March Infinity Idol
  46. [Big Event] Easter 2013
  47. [Big Event] April's Infinity Idol
  48. [Big Event] May's Infinity Idol
  49. [Big Event] June's Infinity Idol
  50. [Announced Event] The difference is cool
  51. Infinity's Next Top Model
  52. [Big Event] July's Infinity Idol
  53. [Event] Search for Mr & Ms InfinityMU
  54. [Big Event] August's Infinity Idol
  55. [Big Event] InfinityMU Got Talent (Season 1)
  56. Infinity's Next Top Model [August]
  57. [Big Event] The Best Group Picture
  58. [Big Event] MU Wars #3
  59. [Big Event] September's Infinity Idol
  60. [Big Event] Infinity's Next Top Model
  61. [Big Event] Infinity's Ugliest Gear
  62. [Big Event] October's Infinity Idol
  63. [Big Event] Best Halloween Pumpkin Design 2013!
  64. [Big Event] Your Halloween Story!
  65. [Big Event] Meaningful Decorations Vol.3
  66. [Big Event]Infinity's Ugliest Gear
  67. [Big Event] November's Infinity Idol
  68. [Big Event] Ultimate Bring Me Event!
  69. [Big Event]Infinity Got Talent (Season 2)
  70. [Announced Event] What do you See?
  71. [Big Event] Hardcore Store
  72. [Big Event] International Men's Day
  73. [Big Event] Mission Advertising
  74. [Big Christmas Event] Stop The Mafia Boss
  75. [Big Event] December's Infinity Idol
  76. [Big Weekly Event] Advance Merry Christmas to everyone!
  77. [Big Event] Christmas spirit
  78. [Christmas Event] Capture the Reindeer!
  79. [Big Event] January's Infinity Idol
  80. [Big Event]Infinity's Ugliest Gear (2)
  81. [Big Event] Paint lovers
  82. [Big Event] February Infinity Idol
  83. [Big Event] InfinityMU Love Story Video
  84. [Big Event] Valentine's Day
  85. [Big Event] March Infinity Idol
  86. [Big Event] Infinity Got Talent (Season 3)
  87. [Big Event]April Infinity Idol
  88. [EVENT] Artist of Infinity II
  89. [Big Event] Easter it's coming
  90. [Event] Mr & Ms Infinity 2014.
  91. [Big Event]May Infinity Idol
  92. [EVENT]Artist of Infinity III
  93. [Event] Infinity Best Dancer Competition
  94. [EVENT] Mirror, Mirror
  95. [Big Event]Infinity Idol of June
  96. [EVENT]Artist of Infinity IV
  97. [Event] InfinityMu Lottery
  98. [Event] Infinity's Next Top Model v.2
  99. [Big Event] Paint Lovers season 2
  100. [Big Event] Infinity Idol of July
  101. [Big Event] InfinityMu Castle Lords
  102. [EVENT] Artist of Infinity V
  103. [Event] Infinity's Next Top Model v.3
  104. [Big Event] Infinity Got Talent Season 4
  105. [EVENT]Artist of Infinity VI
  106. [Big Event] Infinity Idol of August
  107. [Event] Infinity's Next Top Model [August]
  108. [Event] InfinityMU Lottery
  109. [Big Event] My Beautiful country
  110. [Event] InfinityMu BINGO Event
  111. [Big Event] Infinity Idol of September
  112. [EVENT] Artist of Infinity VII
  113. [Big Event] Halloween Costume Event
  114. [Big Event] Guild PK Event
  115. [Big Event]Infinity Idol of October
  116. [Battle Challange 3-Way]Heruvim-Kenya-Caizo
  117. [EVENT] Artist of Infinity VIII
  118. [Big Event] Infinity's Next Top Model [October]
  119. [Big Event] Pumpkin Cartoons 2014
  120. [Big Event] InfinityMU Event Series (IMES IV) Autumn Edition
  121. [Big Event] Infinity Idol of November
  122. [Big Event] Infinity's Next Top Model [November]
  123. [Big Event] Mr & Ms Infinity 2014
  124. [Big Event] Christmas Costume Event
  125. [EVENT] Artist Of Infinity IX
  126. [Monthly Event]InfinityMU Author November
  127. [Big Event]InfinityMU Christmas Movie
  128. [Big Event] InfinityMU Event Series V Christmas Edition (IMES V) (finished)
  129. [Big Event]Infinity Idol of December
  130. [Christmas Event] Christmas Tree Making
  131. [Big Event] Fit the Staff Team
  132. [Christmas & New Year] Banner Making Contest
  133. [Event]Artist of Infinity X
  134. [Big Event] Infinity Idol January 2015
  135. Infinity Artist XI
  136. [Big Event]Fit the Staff Team
  137. [Monthly Event]InfinityMU Author January
  138. [Big Event]Infinity Got Talent Season 5
  139. [Big Event] Will You Be My Valentine?
  140. [Big Event] Infinity Idol of February
  141. [Big Event] Best history of Love
  142. [Special Edition] Valentine's Day - Couples PK
  143. [Big Event]Fit the Staff Team
  144. [Big Event] Make a Server Video 2015!
  145. [Big Event] InfinityMU Event Series VI Spring Edition (IMES VI) (finished)
  146. [Big Event] Infinity Idol of March 2015
  147. [Monthly Event]Infinity Artist XII
  148. [BIG EVENT] Soccer Tournament
  149. [Big Event] Castle Lords II
  150. [Monthly Event] InfinityMU Author- March
  151. [Big Event] Fit the Staff Team
  152. [Big Event]Infinity Idol of April
  153. [Big Event]Infinity Idol of May
  154. Infinity Artist XIII
  155. [Big Event]Fit the Staff Team
  156. [Big Event] InfinityMU Event Series VII Summer Edition (IMES VII)
  157. [Big Event]Infinity Idol June
  158. Infinity Artists XIV
  159. [Big Event]Infinity Idol July
  160. [Big Event]Infinity Idol of August
  161. Big Summer Event!
  162. Summer In-game Events logs!
  163. [Big Summer Event]Fit the Staff Team
  164. [Big Event] Infinity Got Talent Season 6
  165. [Big Event]Infinity Idol September
  166. [Big Event] InfinityMU Event Series VII Autumn Edition (IMES VIII)
  167. [Event] InfinityMU Lottery
  168. [Big Event]Infinity Idol October
  169. [Big Event] Halloween Costume Event
  170. [Big Event]B.R.B. Fenrir Battle
  171. [Big Event]Infinity Idol November
  172. [Big Event] Ultimate Race Event
  173. [Big Event]Infinity Idol December
  174. [Big Event] InfinityMU Duel King
  175. [Big Event]Christmas Fit the Staff Team
  176. [BIG EVENT] Soccer Tournament
  177. [Big Event] Guild PK Event
  178. [Big Event]Infinity Idol January
  179. [Big Event]Infinity Idol February
  180. [Big Event]Infinity Idol March
  181. [Big Event] Paint Lovers season 3
  182. [Big Event] Infinity Got Talent Season 7
  183. [Big Event]Infinity Idol of April
  184. [Big Event] Infinity Idol of May
  185. [Big Event] Series of Events
  186. [Big Event]Infinity Idol of June
  187. [Big Event]Infinity Idol of July
  188. [Big Event]Infinity Author
  189. [Big Event] iMU Duel Kings
  190. [Big Event] Halloween Costume Event
  191. [Big Event] Best Halloween Pumpkin Design 2016
  192. [Big Event] PPAP Event
  193. [Big Event] InfinityMU Christmas Tree Contest
  194. [Big Event]A Sign of Lord (PvP)
  195. [Big Event]The Draconite Hunter
  196. Illusion Arena First Blood
  197. [Big Event] IMES XV - Summer Edition 2017
  198. [Big Event]Infinity Idol of April (Part of IMES)
  199. [BIG EVENT] Soccer Tournament
  200. [Big Event]Infinity Author Poetry Edition
  201. [Big Event]Fire and Ice...
  202. [Big Event]B.R.B. Fenrir Battle...
  203. [Big Event]Fire and Ice...
  204. [Big Event]Infinity Idol July
  205. [Big Event]Hunt the Mods...
  206. [TOP Yearly Event] Infinity Got Talent! [Season 8]
  207. [TOP Yearly Event] Mr.& Ms.Infinity 2017
  208. [Big Event]Fire and Ice...
  209. [Big Event]Infinity Idol August
  210. [Big Event]Hunt the Mods...
  211. [Big Event]Infinity Idol September
  212. [Big Event] IMES XVI - Autumn Edition
  213. [Big Event]Hunt the Mods...
  214. Big Events Rules Update...
  215. [Big Event] Infinity Idol of October
  216. [Big Event]B.R.B Fenrir Event...
  217. Infinity Artist XXVIII...
  218. [Big Event]Hunt the Mods...
  219. [Big Event]InfinityMU Author Poetry Edition
  220. [Big Event] Best Halloween Pumpkin Design 2017
  221. [Big Event]Fire and Ice...
  222. [BIG Event]Cross Server Duel Kings Championship
  223. [Big Event]Fit the Staff Team
  224. Infinity MU Event Series XVII Edition Winter 2017
  225. [Big Event]Hunt the Mods...
  226. [Christmas Event]A letter to Santa RESiSTANT!
  227. [Big Event]InfinityMU Author Poetry Edition
  228. [Big Event] Christmas presents hunt
  229. [Big Event] End Of The Year Present Hunt...
  230. [Big Event]Fit the Staff Team
  231. [BIG Event]InfinityMU Author for January
  232. TOP Resets Event 2018
  233. [Big Event]Hunt the Mods...
  234. [BIG EVENT] Kill The Boss...
  235. [BIG EVENT]InfinityMU Author of February
  236. [Big Event] Rogue Assassin
  237. [Big Event]InfinityMu Event Series XVIII - Spring Edition
  238. [BIG Event] InfinityMU Author for March
  239. [Big Event]Hunt the Mods...
  240. [BIG EVENT] Mission Advertising II
  241. [BIG Event] InfinityMU Author for April
  242. [Big Event]Hunt the Mods...
  243. [Big Event] Easter Bunny Hunt...
  244. [Big Event] Boss War...
  245. [Big Event] Fit the Staff
  246. [BIG Event] InfinityMU Author for May
  247. [Big Event]Hunt the Mods...
  248. [Big Event]Infinity Mu Event Series XIX - Summer Edition
  249. [BIG Event] InfinityMU Author for June
  250. [Big Event]Hunt the Mods...