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  1. Where in the world you are?
  2. What is the best guild?
  3. [Read before post a Poll]
  4. Do you smoke?
  5. On what operating system you are?
  6. Who is your favorite chat client
  7. What is your favorite character?
  8. Who is Best player?
  9. How did you find InfinityMU?
  10. Who is the strongerst player
  11. How old are you?
  12. Who is your favourite GM?
  13. Should SUPPORTER usergroup recevive this priveldge
  14. Do you drink alcohol?
  15. For what you spend your money?
  16. Whats Your Faver Fast Food?
  17. SD Bypass or SD Decrement?
  18. Why are you getting up early in the morning?
  19. Will there be internet after 100 years?
  20. InfinityMU President !
  21. Poll What color of fenrir do you like
  22. [POLL] What Character do you like more?
  23. Poll to remove warp into DeepLoren
  24. sup.
  25. Poll: extra GM??
  26. what set?? <.>
  27. Two Castle Sieges on one week.
  28. [POLL] What girl do you like more (EXCLUSIVE FOR MEN XD)
  29. [Poll]How many hours do you play?
  30. [Suggestion] 2 Equiped weapons
  31. Potion Girl
  32. Like
  33. Which would you prefer??
  34. Pet Trainer
  35. [Poll] During which season were you born ??
  36. [POLL] Miss Infinity :D
  37. Best Guild in Infinity
  38. msn, yahoo or skype?
  39. Music Genre ?
  40. me GM
  41. Who i am?
  42. /Poll/what you think about me xD
  43. The Best of The Best
  44. What you do when you wake up
  45. Which Season + Episode do you prefer?
  46. 2012 The end of the world?
  47. [POLL] What do you think of me
  48. Do you ?
  49. What do u think About...
  50. Forum Style (the best one)
  51. The best sig maker
  52. Did you start the new year off well?
  53. [Poll]top 5 or 10 players in game
  54. Do you smoke weed?
  55. how you evaluate the total school
  56. Should i be GFx here?
  57. Can I be GFX Staff here Or any Position!!
  58. Can i be supporter ?? POLL
  59. What is your favorite subject in school??
  60. how you play other games than mu online
  61. What is your favourite day of the week?
  62. skins which they liked more original or custom "False"
  63. Which technique you like marks
  64. Poll Computers
  65. which yellow option you like it most [For weapon]
  66. Who want this
  67. Hi all here is new pool
  68. what music listening
  69. [Poll] Which car do you prefer
  70. with wich program you make pictures
  71. Who do you think is the best switch holder and why
  72. What's the perfect vacation for you?
  73. Favorite Movie Genre
  74. Does the internet affects on the school?
  75. Damned guys! Help us!!
  76. removing box +4+3+2
  77. Best soccer player of all time
  78. Which part of the opposite sex do you find most attractive?
  79. Buff
  80. what is the best 2handed sword for you?
  81. What is the Best Rock Band for you?
  82. Vote.Baby picture event!
  83. Which skin do You use in forum?
  84. [POLL]Which of these Cars You like MoSt..?
  85. Vote.Baby picture event! Final Vote!
  86. Pacman vs Tetris
  87. Remove Dinos
  88. Godzilla or Darthvader?
  89. Gothic III or Gothic II?
  90. Best PS artist :)
  91. Which is actually better?
  92. AG potion
  93. Can you swim?
  94. [Poll]Which of these games you like the most
  95. Cats or Dogs?
  96. Where are you gonna chill out for summer 2010?
  97. How many beers drink per month?
  98. Which two teams gonna be on the finals of World Cup 2010?
  99. What pet do you have?
  100. Do you follow the Ten Commandments?
  101. How many people is the capacity of the Earth?
  102. Do you want to be immortal?
  103. Who created whom?
  104. [POLL]Which of these countries you like the most?
  105. Do you have an Ear-ring?
  106. How much times you went swim?
  107. What is SPAM?
  108. What are you gonna do this summer?
  109. What will you miss if you encounter in a deserted island?
  110. [Poll]Choose a signature
  111. Insania MU Votes
  112. Who's gonna win, Spain or the Netherlands?
  113. Which is better?
  114. whos the best gfxr on the moment
  115. Came oon Party People! Lets talk about it!
  116. What do you think about "Fully"? :P
  117. What u think about me?
  118. What do you think about me?
  119. Dev-What do you think about me?
  120. [POLL] What's your gender?
  121. [Poll] What do you think of me?
  122. [POLL]Best weapon skill
  123. [Poll] Q or Qwe?
  124. Who is the most active Spammer?
  125. season4 or season3 or season5?
  126. There is nothing better than ...
  127. [POLL] Who is the best BK in the server?
  128. BesT Combo
  129. infinityMU Season4 Episode2?
  130. The BEST GUILD as of Now?
  131. [POLL]Who is the best?
  132. Miss InfinityMU 2010
  133. Hate or Like?
  134. [Poll] Who Is The Best DL?
  135. Best GFX
  136. [POLL] What do you think about Dev?
  137. Best Ring and Pen
  138. Dupe Removal
  139. BEST SWORD for BK
  140. [Poll]Do you hate Spam Events?
  141. [Poll]Market Central
  142. Who is da strongest?
  143. [POLL]What is the best guild?
  144. How do you PK? :D
  145. [POLL] What do you prefer?
  146. The Strongest Player 2nd Thread.
  147. Vote
  148. [POLL] April's Infinity Mu Idol
  149. what is the best team in NBA now?
  150. Who are the best Actors/Performers
  151. You want ?
  153. GFX Stuffs
  154. The 13 Best BK's
  155. Is Infinty MU season 3 can be change to Season 4???
  156. [Poll]Best Movie
  157. [Poll]Who's the best NBA player ?
  158. [POLL] The best Guild's currently
  159. Who's The Best Latin Switcher?
  160. [POLL] The best DL for now :)
  161. [POLL] What Team Will Win The "American Cup"
  162. Who is the best of success switch?
  163. Who Is The Best In This Year's Players Neymar or Messi?
  164. [POLL] The best Pinoy BK for now :)
  165. The Best Latin BK At The Moment
  166. Who is the best Polish player?
  167. [Poll] The Best Browser
  168. Which is the best beer??
  169. [Poll] The best rapper !
  170. [POLL]EuroBasket 2011 Winner
  171. [Poll]New Devias
  172. {Poll} The Best Rock/Metal Band.
  173. [POLL Market Server]
  174. Strongest Bk In Game ;)
  175. BEST DK/BK/BM set?!!!
  176. [POLL]Argentina Vs Brazil
  177. who is love DELETE or WELCOME
  178. who is love DELETE or WELCOME Guild?
  179. Change Name
  180. Poll football (UEFA)
  181. 380/Pink Option
  182. Who will win the next CS 5/nov/2011 ?
  183. Who's the best Blade Master Right Now?
  184. Who is the Best ! In InfinityMU
  185. Coolest set for Blade Knight/Blade Master
  186. Which Chipmunks You Like/Love
  187. [Poll] Kelse or Chelsey?
  188. [POLL] 1 Top Infinity finest in the end of the year
  189. Best map to stay and hang out
  190. [Poll]Most important option on SETS
  191. [POLL]Who is the strongest Azerbaijanian BK?
  192. [Poll]IMU logos
  193. {Poll} Asian Actress & Singer !!!
  194. [Poll]Your New Year Resolutions
  195. [POLL] Which 1 is hotter?
  196. [Poll]Alienware vs Apple
  197. [poll] who is the best singer?
  198. [POLL] Who is hotter?
  199. [POLL] How old are u in InfinityMU? (:)
  200. [POLL] PowerShift or DeadAbesta (:)
  201. [Poll] Choose 1 between the 7 internet shoes
  202. The Best Character in InifnityMU (:)
  203. [POLL] Old strong Players (:)
  204. [Poll] Who is better Faculty or NOWAY?
  205. [Poll] Who is the strongest Pinoy BK?
  206. [POLL] Best BM ATM,April *
  207. [Poll] Which one is HOTTER here?
  208. Choose your Marvel™ Hero
  209. What NBA Team is your bet in this coming NBA Finals 2011-2012
  210. [Poll] Dubstep or Dougie?
  211. [POLL] Who is your favorite :)
  212. NBA poll
  213. [POLL] Who is your favorite rapper :)
  214. [Poll] Who is the strongest Pacquaio or Bradley
  215. [Poll] Do you hate WolfBeast?
  216. Which staff position you love the most ?
  217. [Poll] InfinityMU President
  218. [Poll] What forum skin you currently using
  219. The Best Latin BK
  220. [POLL]Basketball VS Football(Soccer)
  221. Who's Strong BK from Pinoy
  222. NBA kobyJames
  223. [Poll] Naruto/Bleach/OnePiece/Fairytail?
  224. ¿ Cual es el Mejor Swich Latino ? (Subs English Inside)
  225. da best in CS
  226. [Poll] What do you think about December 21,2012
  227. [Poll] Your New Year resolution
  228. Which Windows 8 edition you prefer?
  229. [Poll] Which is the best bk Latin in PVP and DUEL?
  230. Dark Knight Set Green Color`
  231. [Unofficial Poll]Who Should be the next GFX TEAM LEADER?
  232. Strong Active BKs of the Year !
  233. The Best Active Strong Dark Lord ?
  234. Best Guild as of now !
  235. [POLL] What's your favorite music direction?
  236. [Poll]GTA V VS Watch Dogs
  237. [Poll]The most Bad@$$ male actor
  238. [Poll]The Best action Film of 2012
  239. [Poll]The most beautiful woman
  240. [Poll]The Best Comedy Actor
  241. [Poll]The best exotic car
  242. [Poll] Who will pass the Quarter final UEFA Champions League?
  243. [Poll]The Luxury Watches
  244. [Poll]Who is the better spider-man?
  245. The Best Swichers of The Year !
  246. [Event]Which upcoming film are you excited about?
  247. [Poll]Should I post fim discussion threads?
  248. [Poll] Do you like new style of our InfinityMU?
  249. Who is the best Azerbaijani player?
  250. Castle Siege POLL