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  1. [Guide] How not to get fooled by fake Game Masters and Scammers
  2. [Guide] 380 Level Item Options
  3. [Guide] Jewel of Harmony Options
  4. [Guide Info] Box Of Kundun Drops
  5. [Guide] How to Upload Screen Shots (imageshack)
  6. [Guide] Kantru Nightmare event
  7. [Guide] Castle Siege
  8. [Guide] Combo Skill (Only BKs/BMs)
  9. [Guide] Crywolf Event
  10. [Guide] Pet Trainer (DL) Dark Raven & Horse
  11. [Guide] Emotions and Game commands
  12. [Guide] Fenrir Creation and Info
  13. [Guide]Wings' Description
  14. Land of trials guide
  15. [Guide] Upgrading From +9 To +13 [For Newbies]
  16. [Guide]Skills
  17. Special items used in PvP
  18. CASTLE SIEGE Ultimate Guide
  19. [GUIDE] Change your music background
  20. [Guide] How to vote succesfully
  21. [Guide] 3D Camera Use
  22. [Guide] Events.
  23. [Guide]Damage Colors
  24. [Guide] Guild System
  25. [Guide]Battle System (PK)
  26. Server Events Schedule
  27. [Guide]Mu Online Maps
  28. [Guide] Online Time Trade.
  29. [Guide] PC Points Earning
  30. [Guide] Stats Formulas
  31. [Guide]Infinity Mu Online SHOPS
  32. MU Online System Requirements
  33. [Guide] Webshop - Store Box
  34. [Guide] New Items (from Season 4)
  35. [GUIDE] Maps to Level (All Classes)
  36. [Guide] Custom Client Features (Fog, Minimap, Fonts etc)
  37. [Guide] Hack Detections
  38. [Guide] Extensions which you don't want to open!
  39. [Guide]For All Players
  40. [Guide] Auto Hold CTRL/Stick Keys
  41. [Guide] MU Formulas
  42. [Guide] How to avoid or solve mana bug
  43. [Guide]Paypal Troubleshooting|Solves|Solutions
  44. How can I find out which graphics card I have in my PC?
  45. [Basic guide] How to change name of character in game
  46. [Guide]Quest’s Tutorial Step by Step
  47. [Guide]Western Union Money Transfer
  48. [Guide]How to donate using B.T.A. for Ubers through PayPal
  49. [Guide]How to Permanently Assign Your Skills/Spells/Pots
  50. [Guide] Reduce FPS by Disabling Fire Scream Effects
  51. [Guide]Extra Warehouse(Vault)
  52. [Guide] Lessen video's size (BETTER THAN LEAWO)
  53. [Guide] How to handle Firewall & Avast exception/exclusion
  54. [Guide] How to donate via Paypal using PayMaya
  55. [Guide] Easiest/Cheapest way to make Semi Uber
  56. [Guide]Classes Pros/Cons
  57. [Guide]Pingzapper Version 2.1.3
  58. [Guide]Reset Master NPC
  59. [Guide]Upgrading Items by Webshop
  60. [GUIDE] Yahoo & Google Account Recovery
  61. Making Pingzapper Account + Coupons (Free Days)
  62. [Guide] Changing Yellow Option Using Webshop and Jewel of Ancient Harmony
  63. [Guide] InfinityMU Achievements
  64. Maximum Performance NVIDIA/PC
  65. [Guide] Blood Castle (All Info)
  66. [Guide] 2nd&3rd QUESTS
  67. [Guide] How to Successfully Reset & Grand Reset in Game~!
  68. [Guide Info] Excellent drop of every maps
  69. [Guide] Draconite Spots
  70. [Guide] Elf PVP/PVE Guide
  71. [Guide] All items that can be made Full Options Ingame
  72. Buff Master NPC
  73. AMD Performance Settings
  74. [Guide] Elf Attack impulse
  75. [GUIDE] Chaos Castle (All Info).
  76. Recommended Yellow Option (PVP/Castle Siege)