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  1. Market Place Rules.
  2. [SELL] MG GEAR (TrusteR)
  3. [Sell]MG 3rd Wing +13 FO HP
  4. [SELL] MG Stuffs (Althalos)
  5. MG GEAR (zonKed4)
  6. StormCrow Set=Volcano+P [+] 1ACC[W]orPAIR (Smigglez)
  7. Imperial Sword + Full Option (Game-over!)
  8. mg gear....come here
  9. BUYING (Dgreat)
  10. Noob 3rd MG wings+13+Luck+HP (Mariuch)
  11. Destroyer Set FO + Pink + Uber Wind +10 116/102 ( [Pro]-Zone )
  12. Destroyer Set Fo +Pink (Santanic)
  13. S4 set for mg (420.pro)
  14. MG Wing+HP+Pair BRB (*-[AniE]-*)
  15. [Sell] Deadly Staff (*-[AniE]-*)
  16. [Sell] Valiant Set ([P]oP-KoRn)
  17. [Sell] Cross Shield Full ([P]oP-KoRn)
  18. [Sell] Destroyer set NP (Draco)
  19. [Sell] Destroyer set NP + Pair IMP sword + Pink (HMHMCAHMS)
  20. [Sell] Phantom Set F.O NP (Specifc)
  21. [Sell] Thunder Hawk No Zen (*QuiXy*)
  22. [Buy] 6,7k GC (Salamander Shield) - *QuiXy*
  23. [Sell] Destroyer Set FO NP + Imperial Sword FO NP (EyesOfHell)
  24. [Sell] S>Destroyer Set FO NP (-Star.Hell)
  25. [Sell] S>mg s4 items (*Chivas*)
  26. [Trade] Volcano set Chrysalis
  27. [Sell] PHANTOM SET+P PM ME 1BMRoyALz7
  28. [Sell] SELL S7 MG SET F.O+PINK -Zeref-
  30. [Sell] S7 Magic Knight Set FO+P (-Star.Hell)
  31. [Sell] Mg lvl 3 wing (DKVirusPH)
  32. [Sell] Brave SET FO (-kRayzie)
  33. [Buy] Magic Knight Set(AdiKaKoOZA)
  34. [Trade] Trade MK set to Destroyer Set +8w (Kronwell.B)
  35. [Sell] MK set np ([R][E][D])
  36. [Buy] Destoryer Set (Kronwell.B)
  37. [Sell] MK np set ([R][E][D])
  38. [Sell] MK set np ([R][E][D])
  39. [Sell] Magic Knight set ([R][E][D])
  40. [Sell] Shiva set +np (VIC1OSO)
  41. [Trade] MG Set (DonGregory)
  42. [Buy] Shiva Set (ScarLy)
  43. [Sell] Sell (Shuee)
  44. [Buy] B>Shiva+P (ViCT0RiA)
  45. [Sell] Magic Knight Set +NP (ScarLy)
  46. [Sell] Thunder set+MG WING*HP+2 EXPLOSION*NP (SoulKid)
  47. [Buy] Pair Imperial +P, Valiant Set, MG 3 lvl wings. [KronwellB]
  48. [Buy] Buying Shiva Set NP or P [FistOfFury]
  49. [Sell] Sell> Volcano set+pair+wings = 5winds (BmNexus)
  50. [Buy] B> Tyr set (ancient)
  51. [Sell] S>Shiva+Pink [Aphrodite]
  52. [Sell] Mg set with shades (CptUnohana)
  53. [Sell] SELLING MG ITEMS (CptUnohana)
  54. [Buy] BUY PHANTOM SET +P and PAIR IMPERIAL + P [AtomicKid]
  55. [Sell] MK SET w/ MK SHIELD [ALL NO PINK] = 35wind (JeromeEbus)
  56. [Sell] Phantom Set with Pink LourAnE
  57. [Sell] S>Shiva+P Ezio
  58. [Buy] 8.5K GC or Deadly Staff NP [Logar]
  59. [Buy] B> Magic Knight set + P or NP (*Nexus)
  60. [Sell] Shiva+P=24w (*Ao_Kiji*)
  61. [Buy] B>MAGIC KNIGHT SET NP (PiXeL23)
  62. [Trade] T>Staff of Myhos FO = Arcas Shield FO (BoyWaway)
  63. [Sell] LEAGIONAIRE SET +P ( -[H]aise!* )
  64. [Buy] 3rd Wings MG F.O IGN:[Mr.J*A*Y]
  65. [Sell] 3rd Wings MG F.O IGN:[Mr.J*A*Y]
  66. [Sell] Legionaire Set FO = ROWS IGN: xZeno
  67. [Sell] Legionnaire Set FO - Harrieth
  68. [Sell] Myuren/Gaion SEMI UBER SET [TradeWiz]
  69. [Buy] Myuren ARMOR+PANTS+GLOVES+DD+13+Luck [CODiE]
  70. [Buy] [Buy] Hurricane set FO (RedHotMoon)
  71. [Buy] U.GAION PEN 102+10 (MGaling)
  72. [Buy] VGO (MGaling)