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  1. [BIG EVENT] Kill The Boss...


    A Hero Has Rissen!

    Today, 3/June/2018 a Darkness spread in the holy land of Infinity MU. In the begining
    Boss send his generals to break down the Infinitian's defence. But they underestimated
    . One by one the great Generals of the Boss were dead, with their blood
    spreading in the grounds of
    Noria. After that the Boss himself came to release his Darkness
    and destroy the free people of
    InfinityMU. He invaded from
  2. Infinity MU Event Series XVII Edition Winter 2017

    Quote Originally Posted by Lelouch View Post

    Infinity MU Event Series
    XVII Edition

    Winter 2017

    Hello Infinitians,
    I am glad to present you another edition of our favourite IMES Event !

    Event starts from now, 1st of December 2017, and will be finished on 28th of February 2018.

    Mechanics, Rules and Guidelines for our IMES XVII:

    Spoiler for Info:

    1. All Infinitians who participate in every Game Master/Event
  3. BigStack's Uber Set Lore Event Edition 1 - Atlas Uber Set

    Quote Originally Posted by BigStack View Post
    Greetings all Infinitians!

    I would like to introduce everyone to my all new Uber Set Lore Event. Probably not a whole lot knows but I've been working on the Wiki these past few months. I have finally added most Uber Sets in the Uber Sets Overview except for Elf Sets. I thought it would be awesome to have our community contribute to our Wiki, specifically with the Lore of our vast number of Ancient Sets. I went ahead and wrote the story for some newer sets however I wouldn't want to
  4. Combo for all Classes!

    Quote Originally Posted by Fero View Post

    Guide for Combo skills

    Lord Emperor
    Weapon Skill (Force Wave) > Fire Scream > Fire Burst

    Duel Master
    Weapon Skill (Power Slash) > Fire Slash > Twisting Slash (STR Combo)

    Lightning > Inferno > Flame (ENE Combo - Magic)

    High Elf
    Weapon Skill (Triple Shot) > Penetration > Ice Arrow

    Grand Master
    Lightning > Ice Storm > Flame
  5. The true meaning of InfinityMU!

    Quote Originally Posted by DimER View Post
    Hello my friends,I just wanted to share one of my personal articles about our server.Everyone here is so awesome that words are not enough to describe them,always been here for everybody and this is a community like no other.I want to show my appreciation to you and tell you to always be proud of yourself,because you have much to be proud for and I literally mean EVERYBODY :).Here is my description of the Infinitians.Hope you like it,this is for you my friends,from me :)

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