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  1. [BIG EVENT]PK Events Festivals

    Welcome to the InfinityMU PK Events Festivals!

    From the creators of Duel King, PK Monthly, Kill the Boss, and other amazing PvP events, InfinityMU proudly presents itís new BIG Event: PvP Events Festival.

    Created to answer every true PvP fan in a big royal way, the PK Festival reunites tournaments for each and every class, guild or desire. ...
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  2. InfinityMU 2008-2014

    Quote Originally Posted by Sava View Post
    Hello Infinitians. As u know InfinityMU is alive since 2008. This is great thing. My question is:

    What did you learn,
    What did you earn,
    What did you lose in during this time ?


    I inviting all of you to my old and big INFINITIANS group Join now and be happy