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  1. [Basic guide] How to exchange credits to gold credits in webshop

    [QUOTE=Havost;1173677][COLOR="#FF8C00"][SIZE=3][FONT=Comic Sans MS]Hello Infinitians! :)

    I made a guide on to exchange your normal credits to gold credits, you have to follow these simple steps:
    1) At least one character with one grand reset reached.
    2) Exchange Tax: 50%

    Benefits of Gold Credits:
    1) You can buy [U][COLOR="#FF0000"]Change Class[/COLOR][/U], [COLOR="#FF0000"][U]Change Name[/U][/COLOR], [U][COLOR="#FF0000"]Stat ...
  2. [Basic guide] How to successfully change class

    [QUOTE=Havost;1173664][SIZE=3][FONT=Comic Sans MS][COLOR="#DAA520"]Hello everyone! :)

    I made a guide on how to successfully change the class of your character to another class. You have to follow these one step:
    1) Before changing class please remove items from your character.

    Click here in webshop (log in with your account and then go to webshop)

    Then you need 4000 normal credits, you ...