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  1. [BIG EVENT] Soccer Tournament

    Quote Originally Posted by Lelouch View Post
    Hello there Infinitians!

    Welcome again to InfinityMU Soccer Tournament


    • The Guild Master has to be online some minutes before the event begins to party the guild members that he has chosen to help him in the event!
    • Each guild would consist of 2 or 3 players each depending on how many participants we will have.
    • New guilds can be created on
  2. DR - Alliance Chat

    Quote Originally Posted by Clauq View Post
    Great defence again

    ps ignore first 24m:D(was looking for pt)
    4th March 2017 Full Castle Siege Recording !
  3. [Big Event] IMES XIV - Spring Edition 2017

    Quote Originally Posted by Dreams View Post

    Infinity MU Event Series
    XIV Edition

    Spring 2017

    Hello Infinitians,
    I am glad to present you another edition of our favourite IMES Event !

    Event starts from now, 1st of March 2017, and will be finished on 31st of May 2017.

    Mechanics, Rules and Guidelines for our IMES XIV:

    Spoiler for Info:

    1. All Infinitians who participate
  4. [Anniversary Event] Uber Promo

    Quote Originally Posted by RESiSTANT View Post
    Hello friends,

    Happy Valentines and InfinityMU Day!

    Our lovely server celebrates 10 years today on 14 February (Valentine's Day - The Lovers Holiday).

    We'd like to present you the available promotions for this week, they are as follow:

    • 1 Uber Set + Free Uber Weapon $25 USD $35 USD
    • 2 Uber Rings + Free Uber Pendant
  5. [Big Event] iMU Duel Kings

    Quote Originally Posted by Sava View Post

    iMU Duel Kings

    Hello Infinitians!

    - This event will be held every sunday (Baku/Azerbaijan GMT+4 20:00-After an One Hours from regular Start of the Castle Siege time)
    - Character Classes: Blade Master
    - The Battle will be 1 VS 1
    - Must be 16 Participants
    - We will trade "AshCrow Breaker(4opts) & AshCrow Set(3opts) for those participants before start to fight, so you have
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