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  1. [Big Event]InfinityMU Author Poetry Edition

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    Hello my friends,
    Welcome to our InfinityMU Author event.

    This month we will pick on a topic,in which you will make your POEM and show it to us.The POEM must be only regarding the topic.

    Topic: InfinityMU Community Person POETRY
    You have to write a poem about someone who you admire/look up to from the Staff team or From the entire community - Normal member,someone important to you.
  2. [BTA for Winds & Draconites Posting Format and Rules]

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    Welcome to Big Trade Assistance for Winds & Draconites

    Hello Infinitians,

    few weeks ago BTA was officially closed until now... we would like to offer you possible BTA for Ubers under one and only condition... the offer has to be Draconite or Wind Accessories in exchange of Uber Sets/Weps/Acc via Donate which is the base currencies ingame right now.

    Step 1 :: Posting the BTA Request ::

  3. [BIG EVENT] Soccer Tournament

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    Hello there Infinitians!

    Welcome again to InfinityMU Soccer Tournament


    • The Guild Master has to be online some minutes before the event begins to party the guild members that he has chosen to help him in the event!
    • Each guild would consist of 2 or 3 players each depending on how many participants we will have.
    • New guilds can be created on
  4. DR - Alliance Chat

    Quote Originally Posted by Clauq View Post
    Great defence again

    ps ignore first 24m:D(was looking for pt)
    4th March 2017 Full Castle Siege Recording !
  5. [Big Event] IMES XIV - Spring Edition 2017

    Quote Originally Posted by Dreams View Post

    Infinity MU Event Series
    XIV Edition

    Spring 2017

    Hello Infinitians,
    I am glad to present you another edition of our favourite IMES Event !

    Event starts from now, 1st of March 2017, and will be finished on 31st of May 2017.

    Mechanics, Rules and Guidelines for our IMES XIV:

    Spoiler for Info:

    1. All Infinitians who participate
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