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  1. Castle Siege Discussion 21/03/2020 (Reveldia)

    Quote Originally Posted by Nikki View Post
    i have seen alot better work then alexis sealing. also i have seen alot better from other players then also from you.

    telling players to cry in forum instead of ingame and low balling them.

    for those who played fair and decent grats.

    to xrom 48 hours to go. as mention ingame it need to be by this format : CLICK
  2. [Recruiting] INFINITY

    Quote Originally Posted by -![ZERO]!- View Post

    Currently Recruiting:

    Blade Knight
    Soul Master
    High Elf
    Dark Lord

    Assistant Guild Master: #GodBless.
    Battle Master(1):
    Battle Master(2):
    Battle Master(3):



    What we offer
  3. [Event] My Beautiful Country - June 2018

    Quote Originally Posted by Syd View Post

    Every part of the world have many amazing landscape, including your city :)
    this event is where you gonna show how beautiful your city is.

    How to join
    1 Photo for the entry photo can be a scenery, a landmark or a culture.

    In a photo you must hold a Fansign with your :
    "Forum Name"
    month of
    "June 2018"

    You may also