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  1. 17/18 Uefa Champions League

    Quote Originally Posted by InceSiker View Post
    Hello Everyone

    Which teams will be in the quarter finals?

    Which teams will be semi-finals?

    Which team will play the final?

    Which team will be the champion?

    What is your favorite team?

    Groups and Matches
  2. [Guide] How to Take/Upload SS of Vote(s) using Paint

    Quote Originally Posted by Capo Dei Capi View Post
    Hi Forumers,

    For those who didn't know yet how to take/upload ScreenShot of Vote/s follow these steps :

    PS: You can use this if you want to join on different Forum Events like Top Lucky Voters / Fit the staff team and more event who requires to take SS of vote/s
    Simple Steps:
    1) First step you need to vote.
    Pic :
    Dont forget to click the "I'm not a robot" reCAPTCHA.

    Updated 09-08-2017 at 05:27 PM by Capo Dei Capi (Updated)

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  3. My creations:

    If you need a costume siggy/avatar/or userbar PM to me
  4. [Requests Area] B1ood's thread

    Quote Originally Posted by B1ood View Post
    Dear Players,

    as long as i have some skills in Photoshop and designs i would like to make for some of you a signatures as long as you don't have one :) , Anyway feel free to request a signature or whatever you want regarding GFX & please follow the rules to avoid ignoring.

    *Signature Rules*

    Request: Signature/Userbar or others about GFX.

    Size: the
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  5. [BTA for Winds & Draconites Posting Format and Rules]

    Quote Originally Posted by RESiSTANT View Post
    Welcome to Big Trade Assistance for Winds & Draconites

    Hello Infinitians,

    few weeks ago BTA was officially closed until now... we would like to offer you possible BTA for Ubers under one and only condition... the offer has to be Draconite or Wind Accessories in exchange of Uber Sets/Weps/Acc via Donate which is the base currencies ingame right now.

    Step 1 :: Posting the BTA Request ::

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