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  1. [Forum Event]Infinity MU Server Trailer

    Quote Originally Posted by antonino02 View Post
    IGN: TkiritoT

    I did try on making an trailer for infinity mu. I hope you guys like it :)
  2. [Forum Event]Infinity Idol of May

    Come on guys it's your time to shine!

    Quote Originally Posted by Danica View Post
    Hello Infinitians

    It's time for the May edition of

    Infinity Idol

    You need to post 1 self picture of yourself
    with fansign and there write your Forum Name and
    Infinity Idol of May.

    For uploading pics you can use:
    You have to post your entries here
  3. TOP Resets Event 2018

    Quote Originally Posted by Dreams View Post
    Hello InfinityMU !

    Since we recently created our Hall of Fame and reseted our rankings, it's time for a small contest for our overly active players!

    TOP Resets Event:

    # 1500 RESETS 2500 RESETS 3500 RESETS
  4. Castle Siege Update 20.4.2018

    Quote Originally Posted by RESiSTANT View Post
    Hello friends

    Our server has been updated with the following Castle Siege system updates:
    1. 5 minutes after Castle Siege Event begins, the initialization of points system will start (kills, crown switch withstands, seals points will work. Until 5minutes havenít passed from the start then points will not count)
    2. Castle Defender = 1 point every 2 seconds
    3. Crown Switch 1 withstand = 1 point every 4 seconds
    4. Crown Switch 2 withstand = 1 point every 4
  5. [Weekly Event] Screenshot Of The Week...

    Quote Originally Posted by Lelouch View Post

    Still awake while all others are sleeping? Bored and nothing to do? Then we have something for you.
    An event that we hope you will enjoy while exploring the beautiful MU Continent.

    Welcome to an event brought on by the idea of Dreams.

    Screenshot Of The Week!

    Deadline : Every Friday
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