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  1. My Dogs.. !

    Quote Originally Posted by ExitiuMadara View Post

    Well. today, my lost dog (great pyrenees) came back. he left us 2 months ago. now he is here.

    Also, i wanna show you, my another dog "Is like a hybrid poodle".

    1.Bruno (Giant/great pyrenees)
    - Baby:

    -taken on 2011
  2. [Suggestion] PvP NPC and PvP Room

    Quote Originally Posted by Sheperd View Post
    Hello Infinitians!

    Im here to suggest a PvP NPC and PvP Room for server 3 and 4.
    A room that other players can watch a fight.
    NPC with 6 PvP rooms maximum in a room you can only fight 1v1.
    and an automated general message will appear who won and who lose in a fight.
    The players want to watch a fight will be a ghost or invisible.
    I dunno if it is possible on season 3 , But it is good right?
    What ya think?
    /Agreed or /Disagreed
  3. [Event] National Women's Day

    Quote Originally Posted by RESiSTANT View Post
    [Event] National Women's Day

    You have to submit a picture of you holding a piece of paper on your hand writing "InfinityMU <3" on it.

    3 AWESOME Prizes for the girls:
    1. One F.O Set by choice for women class (Elf) - CAN BE UBER
    2. Bow/Crossbow F.O. +13, Rings & Pendant by choice CAN BE UBER
    3. All fenrirs including GOLDEN FENRIR
    * Including VIPusergroup as gift or special girls group: Infinity Finest (forum) BY CHOICE
  4. [Test Game Master Application] MσgεDrσgon

    Quote Originally Posted by MσgεDrσgon View Post
    introducing myself won't be necessary since you already know me xD but for those who don't know...

    Name: Elnur Ahmadov
    Age: 17
    DoB: 12/11/1994
    Sex: Male

    i know English & Hebrew & Russian

    Why you're applying for TGM?
    Might be simple reason but for me it's more then that..,i wanna advance,i wanna do more then just make some moderation actions in the forum,i wanna contribute the most of what i can for this
  5. [ Video ] Pprrum.

    Quote Originally Posted by WWW View Post

    Thanks if you like, Pprrum. =))
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