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  1. [Event]Brave's Uber Set Lore Event Birthday Edition

    Quote Originally Posted by Brave View Post
    Greeting Infinitians!
    A pleasant day to each and everyone of you! Today im gonna post my “Birthday Event”. Yes Its ‘Brave’s Birthday Event’ This not party which i really wanted to have xD. But this event is a Writing Event.
    You may ask me why i make a Writing Event insted of other events? Well Im a really fun of this writing event, in the Past, when i was a regular forumer i always make entry and join the event “Infinity Author” and other Writing Events hosted by our Awesome Moderators,
  2. [Weekly Event] InfinityMU Lucky Lottery

    Quote Originally Posted by Zione View Post
    Sorry for the delay posting guys...

    Draw Results:

    We have 3 winner/s for the 52nd draw, They are @Warean, @Gannel & @Gahleon with single/double ticket entry matches! Congrats! =)

    Warean (IGN:[Warean]) got 1x Match of 2 Lucky Numbers!
    Prize: 1,000 Gold Credits + 1 forum IMES
  3. [Video Guide] Making Semi Uber Item

    Quote Originally Posted by Akusuru View Post
    Good day Infinitians! Recently I have been receiving queries In Game from the newbies about how did I get my set or how did I make my Semi Uber Set, so I decided to make a simple guide/video on how I create my semi uber items.

    Frequently Asked Question:
    What is the difference between Semi Uber Set and Uber Set?
    - Semi Uber is an ancient item with only 1 option while Uber is an Ancient item with Full Option.

    Materials Needed:
    • Excellent Item with
  4. Karabakh hamini gozleyirik guild CS ucun

  5. [Big Event] Theme Of The Month...

    Quote Originally Posted by Lelouch View Post

    (Banner from Scarlette)

    Theme Of The Month

    Theme: Spring

    Rules and Mechanics:
    -A theme will be chosen every month...
    -Participants will design their profile (Avatar, Profile Picture, Signature and even profile colours) to suit the theme...
    -Participants can use google to find a profile picture but they must do their own avatar and
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