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  1. Default Game Update 25.8.2019

    Quote Originally Posted by RESiSTANT View Post
    Hi friends,

    Our game server has been updated with the following fixes and updates:

    1. Fixed a bug where guild war would finish within the first kill.
    2. Fixed a bug where your second character's page would show up instead first page upon login.
    3. Updated Jewel of Extraction - new way to remove yellow option from all ancient items & semi uber (Exc+Anc).
    4. Fixed all speed bugs on the Elf Bows.

  2. [Big Event] InfinityMU Newbie Kit!!

    Quote Originally Posted by Wrathbinge View Post

    Hello to all our beloved members, From 23 August till 30 September 2019. We will start giving KIT Equipments for our new players coming daily from all around the world. First steps always are pretty hard that's why we are giving this new opportunity to earn your Full Option Gears, get max stats and join our amazing Castle Siege Warfare fast as you can!!

    What does the Kit Equipment have:

  3. [Guide Info] Excellent drop of every maps

    Quote Originally Posted by Bae View Post

    No Excellent drop


    No Excellent drop


    No Excellent drop

    Devias 2

    Excellent Leather set
    Excellent Pad Set
    Excellent Vine Set
    Excellent Hand Axe
    Excellent Small Axe
    Excellent Short Sword
    Excellent Cross Bow
    Excellent Small Shield

    Devias 3

    No Excellent drop


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  4. [Guide] How to Successfully Reset & Grand Reset in Game~!

    Quote Originally Posted by Scarlette View Post
    Heya Infinitians~!

    Here the simple guide for new player who doesn't know yet about InfinityMU reset system :)

    1. You need to collect Rena

    FAQ : Where you can get Rena?
    You can get Rena by dropping Box of Heaven, this Box easily drop by all mobs in MU continent.

    2. Reach to Level 300 ~ 400 and
  5. [Request Area] Prime*

    Quote Originally Posted by Prime* View Post

    Hello Infinitians! Welcome to my Request Area! <3

    Make Sure to read and follow the rules carefully or your request will be denied.
    Click Me!
    Only 1 Signature or Avatar per month.
    Sizes for avatar is 200x400
    Sizes for signature is 400x220 max
    You need minimum of 20 posts to make a request
    I will only work on rendered images
    I do not accept .GIF avatar or signature
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