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  1. [BIG EVENT]PK Events Festivals

    Welcome to the InfinityMU PK Events Festivals!

    From the creators of Duel King, PK Monthly, Kill the Boss, and other amazing PvP events, InfinityMU proudly presents itís new BIG Event: PvP Events Festival.

    Created to answer every true PvP fan in a big royal way, the PK Festival reunites tournaments for each and every class, guild or desire. ...
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  2. Castle Siege Update 20.4.2018

    Quote Originally Posted by RESiSTANT View Post
    Hello friends

    Our server has been updated with the following Castle Siege system updates:
    1. 5 minutes after Castle Siege Event begins, the initialization of points system will start (kills, crown switch withstands, seals points will work. Until 5minutes havenít passed from the start then points will not count)
    2. Castle Defender = 1 point every 2 seconds
    3. Crown Switch 1 withstand = 1 point every 4 seconds
    4. Crown Switch 2 withstand = 1 point every 4
  3. [Announced Event] 23rd December

    Quote Originally Posted by Jantsux View Post
    Okay, the first part of the tournament starts here. This thread is unlocked now.

    1st event: Write something seriously good about Infinity, it can be a poem, it can be a little story, but it has to be good.
    There will be 3 winners, 1st = 3 pts, 2nd = 2 pts and 3rd = 1 pt

    This thread will be unlocked till 13:10 (2hours from now).

    Include your character name what you'll use ingame for the ongoing events, otherwise you won't receive the points.
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  4. Top Lucky Voters Event

    Quote Originally Posted by EAGER View Post

    Most of you might feel "disappointed" about our current position on XtremeTop100.Some players keep voting everyday in order to keep our server in top20 and we should thank them for this.On the other hand, some players vote just to get free credits without entering the captcha code.Actually, they don't care about the server.
    Anyway, the point is that our reputation is too much to be just on Top 20.Day by day we will finally end up on Top 50! Are you satisfied