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  1. The Shoutbox Rules!

    InfinityMU Shoutbox Rules!

    InfinityMU Chat Box is activated once user account reaches 50 posts and after that the user automatically agrees to the rules below.

    1. You may not post in any other languages than English.
    2. You may not spam or post any links related to:

    • Any other gaming sites
    • Pornographic
    • Sell/Buy/Trade any items
    • Asking for any questions related to MU (use the forum sections instead)
    • Talking about
  2. The ShoutBox Ban Procedures!

    Quote Originally Posted by Dimer View Post
    Dear Infinitians

    Our ShoutBox's Ban Procedures will be listed below.Every user who breaks them will be warned first by our Moderator team

    ShoutBox Ban Procedures:

    1st Offence - Warning + Infraction
    2nd Offence - 24 hours Ban from ShoutBox
    3rd Offence - 3 days Ban from ShoutBox
    4th Offence - 14 days Ban from ShoutBox
    5th Offence - Permanent ban from ShoutBox

  3. The Forum Rules!

    Quote Originally Posted by Alexandra View Post
    InfinityMU Forum Rules!

    1. No Profiting. You will not sell anything unrelated to this site. Anyone caught, it is an automatic ban for all breaking this rule and there is no second chances.

    2. No Advertising or Marketing.
    You will not market any promotions that are not endorsed and approved by Infinity MU-Online. Blatent promoting of your own website, products or services will result in removal of the material and the possibility of being banned.

    3. No
  4. Warning & Banning Procedures [Forum Related]

    Quote Originally Posted by RESiSTANT View Post

    1st. Profiting
    You will not sell anything unrelated to this website, because that is forbidden.

    Penalty: If you are caught breaking this rules your account will be banned permanently.

    2nd. Advertising or Marketing
    - You will not market any promotions that are not endorsed and approved by InfinityMU.

    - You are not allowed to post or advertise any p0rnographic contents
  5. [Request Area] Saturn

    Quote Originally Posted by Saturn View Post
    Hi guys, it seems like everyone is going well with their Siggy pretty well. But i just want to open a request area for those users who want a more fun and exciting Siggy. My Amateur style of Siggy is GIF Signatures. If you have a request, you can request here for ONLY GIF SIGGY. To formally request please follow the format so i can easily tend to your requests.


    Source or Video :
    Interval of GIF : (example: From 0:1 second to 0:5 seconds of the video)
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