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  1. [Forum Event]Your Gaming Room! - December 2018

    Quote Originally Posted by Nikki View Post
    Character name: "Nikki"
    Where do you play from: "Living Room."

    This is so amazing!!!
  2. ShadoOow Vs Blooddrink.Koshx,Elish

    Quote Originally Posted by ShadoOow View Post
    since every 1 ask me where is my video i put it here
    BTW : WhoNexT!!!

  3. [Contest] Best Halloween Pumpkin Design 2018

    Quote Originally Posted by RESiSTANT View Post

    Hello friends!

    Since Halloween is fast approaching we are glad to present you an Event for Halloween!

    Best Halloween Pumpkin Design 2018 Jack-o-Lantern represents:

    The origin of Halloween dates back at least 3,000 years to the Celtic
  4. Beerus Birthday Event

    Quote Originally Posted by Beerus View Post
    Hi guys its me again for this player hosted event. It was long ago when i hosted some events and decided why not give it back again to the community right? Sharing is loving.. :)
    Anyways, i will host an event where all plauers can freely join.
    The name of the event is called Beerus Happy Birthday Event.

    The mechanics of the event is very simple.
    First you must go in game and open a store titled “Happy Birthday Beerus”.
    The best player whomever give
  5. [Forum Event] Staff Team Says!

    Quote Originally Posted by Kendall View Post

    Hello, Infinitians!

    I am introducing you this "Staff Team Says" event. Have you ever heard about game "Simon Says!"? If yes, then you will get this game.

    How does it work:
    Anyone from Staff Team will ask you to do something and you will need to do it and post it here.
    The first one to do it, will receive a prize! Simple, isn't it?

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