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  1. [Big Event]Fifa World Cup 2018

    Quote Originally Posted by Dimer View Post

    World cup 2018 SPECIAL BET EVENT

    Mechanics of the event:

    Matches will be posted every day.All you got to do is post who is going to win the matches. Those who guess right will receive credits as a reward.

    First we will go through the group stage,afterwards through the elimination and at the end you have to guess the final

    The first post will be updated every day and all
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  2. [Event] My Beautiful Country - June 2018

    Quote Originally Posted by Syd View Post

    Every part of the world have many amazing landscape, including your city :)
    this event is where you gonna show how beautiful your city is.

    How to join
    1 Photo for the entry photo can be a scenery, a landmark or a culture.

    In a photo you must hold a Fansign with your :
    "Forum Name"
    month of
    "June 2018"

    You may also
  3. [BIG Event] InfinityMU Author for June

    Quote Originally Posted by Moorse View Post

    Hello my friends,
    Welcome to our InfinityMU Author event for the month of June.

    This month we will pick on a topic, in which you will make your POEM and show it to us. The POEM must only be regarding the topic.

    Topic: InfinityMU Community Person POETRY
    You have to write a poem about someone who you admire/look up to from the Staff team or from the entire community - Normal member, someone important
  4. [BIG EVENT] Kill The Boss...


    A Hero Has Rissen!

    Today, 3/June/2018 a Darkness spread in the holy land of Infinity MU. In the begining
    Boss send his generals to break down the Infinitian's defence. But they underestimated
    . One by one the great Generals of the Boss were dead, with their blood
    spreading in the grounds of
    Noria. After that the Boss himself came to release his Darkness
    and destroy the free people of
    InfinityMU. He invaded from
  5. [Forum Event]Infinity MU Server Trailer

    Quote Originally Posted by antonino02 View Post
    IGN: TkiritoT

    I did try on making an trailer for infinity mu. I hope you guys like it :)
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