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  1. frases de los aldeanos!

    bueno gente. dejo unas frases de mi grupo favorito! uds pueden dejar frases de su grupo! para intercambiar culturas!

    -Hoy es un dia diferente!
    Acaso no lo ves?
    Pondre la cabeza en el suelo y en el cielo los pies!

    -Hoy quizás no lo parezca
    Pero es un buen día para mirarnos por dentro
    Nos hemos convertido en basura con ropita ♪♫

    -experiencias que vivimos, son cadenas que arrastramos!

    .Otra noche extraviada ...
  2. My Dogs.. !

    Quote Originally Posted by ExitiuMadara View Post

    Well. today, my lost dog (great pyrenees) came back. he left us 2 months ago. now he is here.

    Also, i wanna show you, my another dog "Is like a hybrid poodle".

    1.Bruno (Giant/great pyrenees)
    - Baby:

    -taken on 2011
  3. Game rules!

    Quote Originally Posted by RESiSTANT View Post
    InfinityMU Game Rules

    ∞ Account ∞

    Offensive character names
    The character and guild names you choose must not contain any offensive language at all. Sexual, racism or in any way discriminatory content are not tolerated, as well as excessive swearing. We won't change your name, we will ban you. If you think it might break this rule, it probably will. Don't use it.

    Multiple registrations
    There is no reason
  4. Hellow please read the forum rules and in game rules :)

    Quote Originally Posted by Alexandra View Post

    1. No Profiting. You will not sell anything unrelated to this site. Anyone caught, it is an automatic ban for all breaking this rule and there is no second chances.

    2. No Advertising or Marketing.
    You will not market any promotions that are not endorsed and approved by Infinity MU-Online. Blatent promoting of your own website, products or services will result in removal of the material and the possibility of being banned.

    3. No Flaming. Try to