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  1. New Client

    Quote Originally Posted by RESiSTANT View Post
    Hello friends,

    Here is our latest completely updated game client:

    Please download and install it, then share feedback with us.
    The new host is premium subscription to grant us direct access link to download the client with fastest speed possible and worldwide.
    Our installer is also new and premium and we expect no problems with it.

    Here's what we need as
  2. Castle Siege Discussion 22/06/2019 (Reveldia)

    Quote Originally Posted by Scarlette View Post
    Castle Siege 22 June 2019

    Defender :

    Attackers :

    WINNER :

    It was long battle with intense fight at Switches and Crown :)
    Couple Seals in between until Reveldia finally took it again at last 2 minutes~


    Thanks to Alin, Akusuru & Me for watching :P
    See you
  3. Spam reward game :)

    Quote Originally Posted by OFF View Post
    Like title says, each reply gets 1 row
    Only 1 row/player , so yh dont make double post

    Write what you want ,then at end of your reply add your ing name

    Everyday when im on ill reply here and we meet ing to give rewards :)
    So be sure to check this thread :p
  4. [Event]Brave's Uber Set Lore Event Birthday Edition

    Quote Originally Posted by Brave View Post
    Greeting Infinitians!
    A pleasant day to each and everyone of you! Today im gonna post my “Birthday Event”. Yes Its ‘Brave’s Birthday Event’ This not party which i really wanted to have xD. But this event is a Writing Event.
    You may ask me why i make a Writing Event insted of other events? Well Im a really fun of this writing event, in the Past, when i was a regular forumer i always make entry and join the event “Infinity Author” and other Writing Events hosted by our Awesome Moderators,
  5. [Weekly Event] InfinityMU Lucky Lottery

    Quote Originally Posted by Zione View Post
    Sorry for the delay posting guys...

    Draw Results:

    We have 3 winner/s for the 52nd draw, They are @Warean, @Gannel & @Gahleon with single/double ticket entry matches! Congrats! =)

    Warean (IGN:[Warean]) got 1x Match of 2 Lucky Numbers!
    Prize: 1,000 Gold Credits + 1 forum IMES
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