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  1. Starting from the Bottom now I guess, we're here! (Real life and iMU life) :D

    Quote Originally Posted by Draco™ View Post
    Hello Everyone!

    I decided to give you guys if not a bit of inspiration to keep pushing in life at least a good read and history of myself. That's why I am posting this here on MOTIVATIONAL AREA thread which I and @RESiSTANT opened up back in 2014 when I gave him the suggestion for it and I back then had the privilege of moderating this area. I started here as PrimeBlade and yes! me, Venci and the iMU community have a long history, good and bad (very bad!).
  2. [POLL]5th Sunday of May Big Event

    Quote Originally Posted by Ezio View Post
    Hi dear friends!

    Please spend 2 minutes of your time and read ALL the description of this poll to avoid warnings/infractions/bans... Unnecessary comments/replies/double postings but also arguing/replying to others comments will be considered as spam and Mods will take care of it. If you need help with something or have a suggestion/question to make, feel free to PM me in forum or in skype (live:koskegr) instead of replying.
    Be mature and respect the Forum Rules.
  3. What you want to have / happen in InfinityMU?

    Quote Originally Posted by Leche View Post
    Hi, how are you guys?
    It would be great to be able to right-click on trades as well as to save things in the vault since there are sets that are sold in-game in 20 rows and ring uber for up to 30 rows
    and it is tedious to have to spend 1 at a time and it falls from bad luck that sometimes you get disconnected
  4. BM GEAR (which is better)

    Good day,

    I just want to ask which is better for BM GEAR

    Atlas Brave set + Arhur + Smok


    Sekhmet Maahes + Arhur + Shield

    Same Accesories KANTATA PAIR.

    Respect post, newbie here.

    Thank you very much.

    More power
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  5. 25$ VD (*BusteD*)

    Quote Originally Posted by yosof0501 View Post
    SELL>>25$ VD=ROW & MIX (BTA)

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