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      1. registra001's Avatar
        registra001 -
        infinityMU the BEST EVER
      1. Imprisoner's Avatar
        Imprisoner -
        i love this server :)
      1. LASTMAGIC's Avatar
        LASTMAGIC -
        infinityMU 4 ever... I've been playing this game since 2010 untnil now!!!

        so F@r so G()od..
      1. Mergen..'s Avatar
        Mergen.. -
        Love mu
      1. Tamahhhh's Avatar
        Tamahhhh -
        More years to come to this server !!! :D
      1. Taxmod's Avatar
        Taxmod -
        the best infinitymu server
      1. -Beeru$'s Avatar
        -Beeru$ -
        I love IMu
      1. DORAEMON's Avatar
        DORAEMON -
        I Love infinityMU!
      1. yanyanx46's Avatar
        yanyanx46 -
      1. LordH's Avatar
        LordH -
        Hi Resistant,

        I played this game before. But frankly it is the first time I really enjoy it) it is not just about the game also i found some friends which i can past my time talking with them about improvement our characters.
        I have a suggestion. Could we increase the time or stages of events? in this way I think we can catch the attention of people who are looking for intresting games in web.

        And Getns:
        Stay at HOME, Play InfinityMu)
      1. Sorrkycj's Avatar
        Sorrkycj -
        ^_^ iLoVETHiSGaMe