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      1. Chuck's Avatar
        Chuck -
        Quote Originally Posted by Chuck View Post

        It's nice to be back!

        I will take a bit time to get online with the life in here and then we can start dancing..
      1. Syntaxx's Avatar
        Syntaxx -
        Best Mu Since HS<3
        Infinity Rocks
      1. THIRDIE's Avatar
        THIRDIE -
        Quote Originally Posted by PaaN Love RESiSTANT View Post
        Hello RESiSTANT, yeah i like your all sever thankyou very much my lovely Admin RESiSTANT :)
        @Paan Im trying to remember you. The name PAAN. Since 2009 ? Remember DEATHRET, HALIMAW, GUARDIAN, REDACCES, REDACES, FACULTY, UnWANTED and WARTHOG guilds ? And yes RESi is a lovely Admin since 2009. And i was thinking you were the top spammer that time right ?
      1. MAKABAGO's Avatar
        MAKABAGO -
        More Power Sir Resistant!
      1. [M]arlboro.'s Avatar
        [M]arlboro. -
        sobrang saya laruin nato :D I really love this game <3
      1. Prime*'s Avatar
        Prime* -
        the best server ever!
        i love infinity mu <3
      1. MuResearch's Avatar
        MuResearch -
        Who commented on 2019? InfinityMu 4EVER!
      1. ZVolt's Avatar
        ZVolt -
        Good time to all participants of the MU!
        I started MU original in 2008.
        then switched to season 3 and since
        May 2016 constantly
        here every day.
        Every month I see unrestrained
        players, this is understandable,
        youth is seething
        in the blood.
        I am patient with you!
        Ladies and Gentlemen!
        Try to just respect yourself!
        I convey my respect to the work
        of moderators and Resistance
        Thanks for the understanding.
      1. leanhduy's Avatar
        leanhduy -
        Thanks you RESiSTANT
      1. XconS's Avatar
        XconS -
        InfinityMU 4EVER 👊👊👊
      1. Olavarria's Avatar
        Olavarria -
        Thanks you, the server is really good
      1. Adriel79's Avatar
        Adriel79 -
      1. PotatoHead's Avatar
        PotatoHead -
        I love this Server <3
      1. registra001's Avatar
        registra001 -
      1. romance16's Avatar
        romance16 -
        I love Infinity MU ❤️❤️❤️
      1. SuperDragon's Avatar
        SuperDragon -
        Hello RESiSTANT, yeah i like your all sever thank you very much my lovely Admin RESiSTANT :) ^^
      1. kiruru26's Avatar
        kiruru26 -
        Hello ALL~~
      1. BLADE's Avatar
        BLADE -
        after all these years i havent posted anything here but there is a always an opportunity for the "first time" Im an OG of this server since 2009 until now and this is the best server i've played.
        Always a nice competitive environment, innovative events and items and a community that through the years has converted to a family of friends.

        Cant wait for the future items and features of the server in the future.

      1. Impreski's Avatar
        Impreski -
        i love infinitymu
      1. Impreski's Avatar
        Impreski -