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      Comments 487 Comments
      1. kooowalos's Avatar
        kooowalos -
        <3 Infinity
      1. =-[Kun]-='s Avatar
        =-[Kun]-= -
        this game is my life >3 forever
      1. clark26's Avatar
        clark26 -
        InfinityMU Forever!
      1. NARD's Avatar
        NARD -
        RocKenRolL infinityMU

      1. Ex.Skt-'s Avatar
        Ex.Skt- -
        Infinity Rocks :)
      1. LExteenah's Avatar
        LExteenah -
        love it., !! infinity
      1. Pudding's Avatar
        Pudding -
        i Love this Server just play with play fair :D
      1. NewHORIZON's Avatar
        NewHORIZON -
        some new in forum.. its just getting better and better
      1. cheat_100's Avatar
        cheat_100 -
        viva infinitymu forum!!
      1. JuanTeD's Avatar
        JuanTeD -
        I'll never quit this GAME
      1. mineski19's Avatar
        mineski19 -
        i have a lots of fun in this game :D nice game ^^

        ill nver stop playing infinity MU ilove it

        everytime im play infinitymu i learn ^^

        im enjoy in this game i hope i have more more fun experience here:D
      1. fheart's Avatar
        fheart -
        I L♥ve Infinity MU

        Thanks to all Admins/GameMaster. I enjoy this game infinity mu. I love this game 4ever.

        yeah, i love this game. i have a lot of friends and we are party party.wew. :D

        im LOYAL n this game. i play infinity MU with my sister and Brother. they are happy..XD

        Thanks to you all Admins/GameMasters. I love all servers and yours. i love it. im be loyal.
      1. MurderFace's Avatar
        MurderFace -
        InfinityMU Still RocKZZZZzzzzz....

        LoVe infinityMU the greatz Game...
      1. chovan's Avatar
        chovan -
        i love it~!
      1. WestGirl's Avatar
        WestGirl -

        InfinityMU is the number one of all :)
      1. godsgift29's Avatar
        godsgift29 -
        one and only private server very very nice for me!!!
      1. merlie's Avatar
        merlie -
        Hey GUys..InfinityMu 4Ever..D'best luv Yah♥
      1. Unιτєd's Avatar
        Unιτєd -
        best ever <3
      1. Izuu's Avatar
        Izuu -
        Lllllove it ! :D
      1. merlie's Avatar
        merlie -
        D'best server...woooooooooooo!!