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      1. Hadesv's Avatar
        Hadesv -
        Infinitymu The best :)
      1. BoyBulingit's Avatar
        BoyBulingit -
        Wonderfull!! Clap!! Clap!!
      1. slifter's Avatar
        slifter -
        I love infinitymu..i want this for ever!!!
      1. MaleNurse's Avatar
        MaleNurse -
        Best Server ever,,Also Worst Gms Ever XD
      1. shinron12's Avatar
        shinron12 -
        ilove it
      1. splash_mark's Avatar
        splash_mark -
        thank you admin for giving us a free play.. I had so much fun in here..
      1. -->iBLEACH's Avatar
        -->iBLEACH -
        infinityMU is The Best :)) <3 You aLL
      1. Titan's Avatar
        Titan -
        Infinity Mu Rocks! <3
        Enjoy the game!
      1. Papa Pioxy's Avatar
        Papa Pioxy -
        Proud to be an Infinitian :)
      1. WELCOME's Avatar
        WELCOME -
        Come on, keep it up!!!
      1. BELIEVER's Avatar
        BELIEVER -
        Best private server ever!

        The years of existence says it all. <3

        "Infinity is Eternity."
      1. PiNKNeO's Avatar
        PiNKNeO -
        its the BEST MMORPG GAME PLAY !
      1. Enrico's Avatar
        Enrico -
        omagad im legend? o.O lol

        tnx for making a good server boss :)) InfinityMu Forever!
      1. #Wrestler's Avatar
        #Wrestler -
        The Best Server!!!
      1. el_papa's Avatar
        el_papa -
        infinity mu love
      1. Krzys's Avatar
        Krzys -
        I love <3
      1. Perwisyo's Avatar
        Perwisyo -
        i love InfnityMU< CryNab< <3
      1. xSynthetic's Avatar
        xSynthetic -
        Grrrrrrrrrrr. . .Best server always!
      1. t23doustar's Avatar
        t23doustar -
      1. URANUS-old's Avatar
        URANUS-old -
        Its the best server for me .