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[Event]Brave's Uber Set Lore Event Birthday Edition

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Quote Originally Posted by Brave View Post
Greeting Infinitians!
A pleasant day to each and everyone of you! Today im gonna post my “Birthday Event”. Yes Its ‘Brave’s Birthday Event’ This not party which i really wanted to have xD. But this event is a Writing Event.
You may ask me why i make a Writing Event insted of other events? Well Im a really fun of this writing event, in the Past, when i was a regular forumer i always make entry and join the event “Infinity Author” and other Writing Events hosted by our Awesome Moderators, Lead Moderator, Event Masters,Lead Events Master and Our Administrator.
And Now because my its Special day is coming (not really dont want to get old xD) i want you all to join me in this event that Me and Pix prepared for you.
I know Djinny and Prof are working together to finish their work on our Wiki page. And I’d like to help them with this event. So this event called:

Brave’s Uber Set Lore Event Birthday Edition
(from the event of former Wiki member Bigstack)

1. Only Regular Forumers/Player may join
(*Staff Members and Wiki writers are not allowed)
2. Every Participant should make 1 Entry to this event
(*You can choose what ever Tier1 set you want to make an Article)
3. Your Entry must be in English Language
4. Every entry should have a 3,000 characters minimum (You can use this Character / Letter Counter online)
5. You can use ONLY 1 Picture or Screenshot to add on your entry
6. Entries are Final and should not be edited.
7. You can Post your Entry in this thread.
8. Should be Original and NOT copy in any website(s) Each forumer should upload the original version written by him/her or with the help of friends/parents.
(*you can Check some of the articles here for sample)
9. An important rule: The Lore should have iMU characteristics and should not be a copy paste of the original mythological story
10. You can make articles with this tier1 sets list only:
Tier1 Set List

Tier 1 SM sets
Uber Bes Eclipse
Uber Meskhenet Eclipse

Tier 1 BK sets
Uber Warrior Leather
Uber Obscure Leather
Uber Hyperion Bronze
Uber Mist Bronze
Uber Eplete Scale
Uber Berserker Scale
Uber Kantata Plate
Uber Rave Plate
Uber Bragi Dark Phoenix
Uber Baldr Dark Phoenix
Uber Kronos Flaming Phoenix
Uber Saturn Flaming Phoenix

Tier 1 MG sets
Uber Gaion Unicorn
Uber Myuren Unicorn
Uber Apis Valiant
Uber Tyr Thunder

Tier 1 DL sets
Uber Surtr Glorious


1st place - Tier1-Uber Berseker Set (Sponsored by me) +25$ Via donate (From @BeN)+ 20,000 Gold Credits+Infinity Hardcore Tag(From RESiSTANT)+1 month Forum Hero tag (From @KatsuragiSenpai)+15 Rows (From Wiki Team)+the 1st place winner willl have a chance to be featured in our InfinityMu Wikipedia(Wiki Team's decision)

2nd place - Uber Hyon set(From @Kyle)+1 uber ring(From @BeN)+10Rows (From Wiki Team)10,000 Gold Credits

3rd place - 5,000 Gold Credits+1 uber ring (From @BeN)+5rows(from wiki Team)

Consolation Prize - 1,000 Gold Credits

Quote Originally Posted by Prof

Advance happy birthday, Brave! In celebration to your birthday, the Wiki Team would like to add the following to the prizes:

1st Place: 15 ROWs
2nd Place: 10 ROWs
3rd Place: 5 ROWs

Wiki Team
Quote Originally Posted by KatsuragiSenpai
Hi i just stopped by and saw this fresr event and i would love to sponsor 1 month subscription of forum hero tag.. Good luck..
Quote Originally Posted by BeN
hm should we go all out :))?

brave reply me if you want this , i put 25 more $ and together we make t2 for 1st place and ill also give 1 acc by choice for 2nd and 3rd place...

don`t forget to pm me...

my bday is on may so maybe till end of this event ill give much better prize ;) only if we have many entry , so i want everyone to join for this :) , maybe ill surprise you
Poll will starts:
May 13,2019

This event is made possible with the help of our InfinityMU Administrator and Staff.

Thank you for Joining and Good luck!

Moderator/Event Master

For more Question about this event you can PM Brave or Pix here in forum

Approved by: RESiSTANT

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