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[BIG EVENT]PK Events Festivals

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Welcome to the InfinityMU PK Events Festivals!

From the creators of Duel King, PK Monthly, Kill the Boss, and other amazing PvP events, InfinityMU proudly presents itís new BIG Event: PvP Events Festival.

Created to answer every true PvP fan in a big royal way, the PK Festival reunites tournaments for each and every class, guild or desire. Held between the iron walls of Ancient Arena, in Dungeon, you can meet your dream Elf or dream Knight at a swoosh of a blade. Gather your strength, cast your defence aura, and grip that weapon like your life depends on it! Because it will.

The PK Festival will be held once a month and it will gather a collection of great tournaments which will determine more than one winner. Either you like PvP alone or with your guildmates, this is the time and place you can show your true PvP skills. The Festival will have itís peak moment in a Kill the EM event, after which fireworks will be thrown in Devias Gate, of Church, where everyone will enjoy a nice gathering after such intense activity.

What exactly will this Festival be?
We will be hosting several PK Events with new BOOSTED prizes just for you.

Events List:

All classes PK Events (BK/DL/SM/ELF/MG) :
-1st Place = 400 Gold Credits + 2 IMES
-2nd Place = 200 Gold Credits + 1 IMES
(Prizes are for each winner)

Team PK Events :
-Winner Team = 400 Gold Credits + 2 IMES
(Prizes are for each team member)
Kill the EM :
-Eech kill = 200 Gold Credits + 1 IMES

►All classes PK Events (BK/DL/SM/ELF/MG) :
PvP until last man standing. (stop when 2 players remaining)

►Team PK Events :
You must team up with any classes (Max 2 players on One Team). Goal is to defeat the opponent teams. All classes/buffs allowed. (teaming with other teams is not allowed)

►Kill the EM :
A GM/EM will hide in a random map. Once he announce his location you must find and kill him. The one who will manage to
kill him wins.

No bugs/No hacks/No exploits/No shield skill/No Teleport/No Summon/No pets/No war/No running/No corners.
(Some rules might be removed depending on the event)

Time and Date:
This Saturday, 10th of August just 3 hours before our reqular CS time!

After the Festival is over we are all going to gather in the wonderful city of Devias and get some epic Pictures to be posted in our social media to advertise our lovely community! Dont miss it!

(Note: there will be more events/prizes added in the future depanding on activity)

If you have any questions feel free to PM me!
See you in the Arena fellow Infinitians!

Thanks to Djinny for the banner and awesome poem!
Thanks Sava for your insane support!

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