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[Big Event] InfinityMU Newbie Kit!!

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Hello to all our beloved members, From 23 August till 30 September 2019. We will start giving KIT Equipments for our new players coming daily from all around the world. First steps always are pretty hard that's why we are giving this new opportunity to earn your Full Option Gears, get max stats and join our amazing Castle Siege Warfare fast as you can!!

What does the Kit Equipment have:



1- Like and Share our both Facebook Fansites: InfinityMU 9999x (CLICK) and InfinityMU 100x Edition (CLICK)
2- Your character must have minimum 15 resets or be max stats in order to claim this reward (We can check your resets/stats)
3- Your account must have atleast 5 hours Online
4- Take Screenshot of your character with the text #InfinityMU Since 2009, example: #InfinityMU Since 2009 and share it here.

Infinity KIT for our loyal new players!!

Our beloved Administrator RESiSTANT is so happy with our new players that he will give 2 Semi Uber Sets and can be sisters!!, example = Hyon+Vicious / + Garuda+Cloud / Kantana+Plate any all sister sets!! Of course, you must complete his requeriments to claim it:

1. 200 votes in vote reward system from which at least 15 votes submitted in Monthly Lucky Voters Event
2. At least 35 resets done with one of their characters!! -> Guide how to Reset/Grand Reset In-game.
3.Fair and long enough Introduction thread in forums -> Click


Bring a friend, share this event in your social medias or just contact them to play with us. Then they can join your Guild/Alliance and help with your Weekly Castle Siege Warfare, daily PvP and have much fun. But not just that, for every player recruited (And Confirmed), you will receive 3,000 Gold Credits! And 5 Ring Of Winds Full Options +13

*- Do not try to make new accounts in order to earn multiple gears, this it's only and only for players who are fresh starting in our server. If you are caught using multiple accounts to earn free gears we will verify this and you will receive severe punishment!!

Useful Links for new players:

*Rules & Guidelines All rules and guides about our server are stated here.
* Questions Have any question? Please share it with us, and receive all the help you need.
* Report Section Use this section to report: Hacks, bugs, scams, advertisement, missing items, sell/buy for real money, harassment, forum reports.
* Problems with game, or need GM assistance? Ask all the help you need here.
* Feedback and Suggestions If you have any idea or something you like to suggest please go ahead, we have no limits!
* Market Place If you wish to Sell/Buy any item you want please go ahead and o it here!
* Guild Section Looking for the best guild for you? Don't lose time and check our list of active guilds recruiting.
* Guides Don't know how to do something? Don't worry check our big guides list and you will find it, and if doesn't exist then we create it for you!

Thanks a lot for reading, if have any question feel free to send me Private Message or contact any of our Staff Team

InfinityMU Staff Team

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