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[Giveaway] Boosters for Newbies

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Hello friends,

We are willing to give out up to 15 x2 Semi Uber Sets (30 in total) by choice to 15 newbies in InfinityMU in order to super-boost their start in our awesome server. With your new semi uber sets you will be able to participate in Mass PK in Arena and even PVP events and this will grant you a very, very good start in our server.

4 Simple Requirements to Meet:
1. At least 200 votes submitted to the server (You can start to vote from October 1st);
2. Newly registered account (between August 1st - October 16, 2019);
3. You must not have older accounts in the server (you must be completely new to the server, the administration will check your Hardware ID/computer serial number to verify that you are new and you don't own any other accounts);
4. Character with at least 1 Grand Reset or 100 Resets.


All your votes must be submitted properly through - InfinityMU Vote Reward System with passing the recaptcha (anti bot protection) and in the end if we detect that you did not submitted valid votes your Semi Uber Sets x2 (2 Semi Sister Uber Sets) reward will not be given out:

1. 100 Resets / Grand Reset is easy to be done in 1-2 days just because 1 Reset takes 2-3 minutes to be accomplished.
2. If you start voting every 12 hours in our Vote Reward System, for 15 days you will have 210 votes and in the 15th+- till 31 of October you may claim your 2x Sister Semi Uber Sets (E.g. Hyon+Vicious or Alviss+Prometheus) in this topic with format:

Ingame Name: ...
Screenshot of Achievements or Advanced Stats:
Screenshot of "Member Since" in
 (upload to

*If there are more than 15 participants in this event we might increase the prizes count as consolation.
*If you continue with the voting till October 31 and you reach more than 350 votes, we may give special bonuses (Full Uber Accessories x3, F.O. Rings of Wind x6 and more). (After reaching 350 votes to claim this, just send an PM to RESiSTANT: click here).

What is Semi Uber Set?

Excellent + Ancient options Set which guarantees quality PVP among all players who cannot afford to donate even VS Full Uber.

Real Play to Win Experience
The purpose of semi uber sets are to make InfinityMU a play to win game instead pay to win. These sets are giving huge chances in PVP. Of course the best sets always remain the Full Uber Set due their defense rate and reflect damage excellent options.

Learn More:

Please join in our other event "Freebie Kits" for more rewards!

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