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Server Update 17.6.2020

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I want to give an honest feedback on this, or you can say an objective feedback, something to think about. After all, this game got so fun and great due to suggestions, feedback and the brilliance of past and current players, staffs and RESiSTANT.

This LiveGuard update, its very own idea of freeing everyone from macro and hacks is absolutely a two thumbs up. Who wants to lose to a cheat anyways. I think right now that that very goal was accomplished. No more macros, no more cheats. Done deal. On my end, I gained a lot with this update in terms of advantage over pot rate plus the confidence that I am fighting against honest players (Cheat-free).


This is the server post update at around 9pm here in New York EST (GMT-5) / around 9am PH time:

(too early to have the server full as usual?)

This is the server 7 mins before the New York EST (GMT-5) 12:30AM Draco hunt:

(My mouse just got on the way but server 3 has 2 bars empty and server 1 is half empty, yesterday it was so hard to get in these servers at this time, and the complaint was a lot of players could not even get in, that issue was solved post update coz nobody logged in and if you get into the server and hunt, man, you'll see a lot of players PKing for lemulia sometimes 3 parties made of of 2-4 players trying to take the spot. Today, I killed it alone.)

This is the servers statistics:

As you can see Philippines covers almost 50% of the total players. The top 4 countries are almost 11,000+ km away from Canada and VE is the closest country on the top 4 but still not too close at 6,000+ km away. Most of these countries are considered as a Third-world country if not a developing country.

Point is, the update obviously affected a lot of the players resulting to a decrease in players post-update.

My Pot Rate at the current update is at 4.35/sec +/- 0.30 per sec. Based on:

Where players from the Philippines told me they had a pot rate of 2/sec or less without PZ. $8 per month is at around 400 php, for example in the Philippines is almost a 1 whole day of work for minimum wage workers. We can't expect anyone to pay these VPNs a month for a whole day of work. Some players don't even have their own PC or Laptops. Sure, no problem to some countries like EU or US, it is easy, we can do that, I pay Chinese takeout food for $16 and that's one meal, or maybe a coffee for $8, but to other players its a whole lot different.

These are the response that I saw regarding the issue post-update:

1.) There's a lot of different VPNs out there = Are they free to use like PZ? Use Trial Period? what then if it expires? Play again next year if the program gives you another trial?

2.) Adopt, Move on, Accept it etc. = Sure, these players will be PKed with Spam Skill combined with a 4.5/sec pot rate while they do less than 2/sec. When for the past few years they could keep up with mostly everyone else.

3.) PZ is outdated anyway = yea it was, 3 years of no update, but guess what, it worked for everyone else coz it was free and they get good pot rate.

I am posting this not because the pot rate affected me but because it affected the traffic of players that comes into the game. It affected our busy, fun, and crowded community. The goal to remove hacks and macros as we know so far has been achieved through an updated LiveGuard and now everyone can play with confidence that PK is with pure hands.

I am not saying that cheating is good but if you think about it, sometimes, even taking a video and trying to catch haxors was fun, seeing someone fail because they used hack and you reported them used to be fun, or seeing someone's report fail claiming you were on macro was fun and added competitiveness to the game. Trash talking is one part of the game, sometimes it gets to far but it adds excitement.

Updates are meant for improvement, haxors has been beaten, and if that update was an improvement why is the server less crowded. Just something to reflect on.

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