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MU Online FAQ

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Why can't I connect to the server?
1. Check if your internet is stable.
2. Check if you've allowed InfinityMU to bypass your firewall or turn off your firewall.
3. Check with others or a staff member to see if a map has been "blacked out."
4. Recall a moment in which you violated one of the rules / check the ban list at the rankings section.
6. Due frequent DDoS attacks to our server sometimes our Anti DDoS service blocks innocent IPs while an potentially large attack is going on. This means that sometimes you couldn't access our website or open the game because Connect button is missing. In this case you can always contact us and tell us your IP address to be unblocked.

Why doesn't my installation work?
There's a possibility that your download is corrupted. Use a download manager such as FreeDownloadManager & use the Infinity
FTP mirror. This will not only smoothly download the client, but make your download faster!

How do I change the resolution of my game?
Run the InfinityMU launcher (mu.exe). At the bottom-left of the launcher's window, there's a button 'Option'. Click the button that
will open up the options window. Adjust the options to your liking & then click "Apply."
If you want to switch to fullscreen (by unchecking window mode), make sure the resolution is set to 1024 x 768!

I have characters in my account but I can't see them!?
1. Log into your account by typing your account name without caps (no big letters).
2. OR try to re-install InfinityMu.

Why am I disconnecting so much?
1. Check if your internet is stable.
2. Try turning your effects off. When you log into your character, press ESC to open the options window. Click on the Option tab. For
Effect limitation, set them to Minimum Option & Minimum Setting.

I have duplicate items in my inventory / vault, how to get rid of them?
1. Log into your Web Panel go to Character Options then go to 'Reset Inventory/Vault' and clear your inventory/vault.
2. Register in our forums and create new thread report in 'Bug Reports' section.

I teleported to a map & now I am stuck some place where I can't move! What do I do?
If you've warped to a map & appear to be somewhere random, exit the game & login into our Web Panel select "Teleport
Character." and move your character to Lorencia.

Why did my HP become so low? i had over 60k before!
It's a visual bug you acctualy got 64k HP + the amount of HP you see on the bar, you can also party someone and press P to see your real HP.

Why did my Mana become so low? i had over 60k before!
Unequip all your items with +mana and try again, also do not have mana pots in your inventory, if it still don't work then contact an Admin or HGM and request them to lower your energy to 32000.

How to use BK Combo / Nova scroll / Infinity Arrow?
You need to finish Marlon's Quest. More info click here.

How do I get Item FULL OPTION items without a credit card?
1. We offer SMS Payments as an option of donating and Western Union.
2. Log into our Web Panel & vote on the websites provided. After that, go to the Web Shop & check your Credit Points!
3. Log into our Web panel & get your referral link. After that send it to friends, facebook, forums and other you might know to vote for you.
4. Log into our Web Panel go to Character Options and select 'Grand Reset Character'. This function allows you to exchange resets for credits.
5. We host lots of events, offering plenty of opportunities for players to win Premium Credit Points and Items.

It has been 12 hours, why can't I vote?
The vote system checks both account and IP address, this means if someone has already voted from your IP address you will not be able to vote.

Custom Client Features (Fog, Minimap, Fonts etc) How do I manage these features?
Click here to see how to disable fog, use custom client, change your in-game client fonts or how to use the Mini Map feature.

How do I recover my account?
Click here to see solutions.

How to avoid or solve mana bug?
Mana bug can appear with Dark Wizard/Soul Master/Grand Master and Magic Gladiator/Duel Master. If I calculated right (I used these formulas) if
your character doesn't wear any mana influential item, mana will be rolled over so bugged if you have more energy than: 32 369 with SM, 32 579 with MG
Here is a little list about the mana influential items:
Set items with Increase Max. Mana +4% option
Shields with Increase Max. Mana +4% option
Rings with Increase Max. Mana +4% option
Wings of Vortex (+115 mana as I experienced)
Golden Fenrir (+200 mana)
Ring of Magic+option (from +1% to +7% mana)
So to avoid this bug, follow the game's advice, and don't add more energy than 32 000.
Anyways if you add more energy than 32 000, you can just use any mana influential item (the list is above)

If you have any other questions, please use our search option that will allow you to easily find possible answers to your question(s).

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