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  • Hello,

    Posts like this should be asked in personal message or visitor message instead of posting on other's market thread.

    You might get a warning or infraction from the mods if you do this.
    Hello, i'ved merged your replied post in this thread here; [Request] Signature due to you have double posted which is spam. Please do not post once you already posted in the future. You can use "Edit Post" button to add information to your post.

    Thanks, =)
    Hello, you forgot to add your character name(IGN) onto the thread's title here: S>Tier 1 Draco & Tier2 Draco set
    Kindly please PM me or any other Moderator that is online so they can add your IGN into that thread.

    Thanks, =)

    Eto sa BTA Thread
    * Players can pay for Uber Set directly via the webshop by typing their own Forum Name or Forum Name of the seller of the winds, draconites or draconite uber sets.
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