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    IGN: [M]ARLBORO Why my infinitymu update did not work? i already reinstall the infinity client. thankyou
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    help me guys

    Can anyone help me about this i can't fix it. i already reinstall the app but it always show thankyou guys. please help me about this. i hope you can help me. IGN:[M]ARLBORO
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    Ban Appeal paos

    Banned account: paos Banned character: [S]py Banned by: FERO Reason: Typing of BK combo Duration: 31days Hello sir/maam Sorry for typing bk combo i didn't know that is restricted to type im sorry please unbanned my account I promise i will not do it again. Please for give me i want to...
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    Ban Appeal Fuccgirl

    Banned character ign: Fuccgirl Banned by: Reason: because i use a bad names/sexual name Duration: 365days I would like to say sorry for what I did in the past, I promise that I changed my character name. I just want to get back character and items. Good evening sir/ma'am i'm sorry because i...