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    =620w + 50k gc
  2. Achichi

    620 rows (Achichi)

    what u offer ?
  3. Achichi

    620 rows (Achichi)

    i add my t1 draco uber set for bk + 620 rows + 50k ? for your 50 usd ?
  4. Achichi

    Achichi and Arbidos

    Buyer Buyer's name: Achichi Buyer's offer: 205 ROW Seller's name: Arbidos Seller's offer: 205k GOLD CREDITS my proof is in my vaul 1 and 3 i accept waiting for @Arbidos to accept thank you very much @VENCi
  5. Achichi

    Sold Sell 50VD$ No Promo (Che)

    620 row+bk t1 draco uber set
  6. Achichi

    $ VD (-Van-)

    620 + 50K GC = 45 USD
  7. Achichi

    620 rows (Achichi)

    = offer
  8. Achichi

    VD (-[VN].STAR)

    please sir i add draco t1 bk uber draco set
  9. Achichi

    VD (-[VN].STAR)

    620 rows for 25 + promo sir
  10. Achichi

    Achichi and HawKsaW

    Sellers offers: 640 row Sellers name : Achichi Buyers OFFER: T2 DRACO SET ELF AND MG Buyers Name : HawKsaW my proof in my vault 1,2,3,4,5,7 i accept wait to @xLOUIGIEx make all sets ddr and for weapons make it critical damage thanks for bta @VENCi
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    40 USD VD (XoXo18)

    sorry make the older sold 1611705802 i dont know how to edit im new in forum sorry
  12. Achichi

    Sold T1 Draco BK Set (Yuuji-)

    make bta
  13. Achichi

    40 USD VD (XoXo18)

    = 600 ROWS
  14. Achichi

    20 USD VD (XoXo18)

    = rows pm me
  15. Achichi

    70 USD VD (XoXo18)

    = 800 ROWS PM ME