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    [Forum event] InfinityMU Memes 2

    Hello infinitians! Today I want to introduce you the second edition of this funny event, which i think we will all enjoy. It's about sharing funny moments connected to InfinityMU through memes. :trollface: - What do you need to do? :trollface: You can use any meme generator available on...
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    Banned accounts - jmgl29 & jmgl27

    Character involved: CDOCSELL3R Reason: selling items Duration: permanent Thread: Proof:
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    Banned account - remix1

    Character involved: K4RM4 Reason: selling account for winds Duration: permanent Proof: ,
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    Finished Event [Big Monthly Event] Kill The Boss

    Hello everyone, this edition of Kill the boss will be hosted next week (6 or 7th of August)! Make sure to participate! Edited by Dreams: Hey there guys ! Today , 2 hours before regular CS time, we will have this event hosted ! Get ready for some intense action ! As usual, 1 Sacred Mace of King...
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    Banned account of character - 100nKa

    Character involved: 100nKa Reason: AP first time Duration: 1 month Thread : Proof: + 5 imes to G...
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    Banned character - SolderSM

    Character involved: SolderSM Reason: family insult Duration: 7 days Proof:
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    Banned account - val1234

    Character involved: WizLow Reason: buying for php Duration: permanent Thread: Proof;
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    Banned account - gatucio_15

    Character involved:GaTuCiO Reason: selling items from infinity to dota2 Duration: permanent Thread: Proof :
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    Banned character - PKLuffy

    Reason: The character holds a guild named ADMIN. PKLuffy is currently permanently banned by character and this ban may be lifted if he contacts me or RESiSTANT and removes the guild. Such guild names often create confusion among players and are easily used for scamming/impersonating purposes...
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    Banned account - jayme1234

    Character involved: LordDU30 Reason: selling for real money Duration: permanent Thread: Proof:
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    HGM Nikki Events!

    17/07/2016 Event#1 Server: 1 Event: Chained h&s (with Nikki and Dreams) Winner: niLkStRike Prize: 3 imes + 250 credits Event#2 Server: 1 Event: Copycat Winner: BMGod20 Prize: 80 gc + 1 imes Event#3 Server:1 Event: Country&Capitals Winner: TotnakWiz Prize: 80 gc+1 imes
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    Banned character - 8--Aga--D

    The character has been blocked until being renamed Reason: offensive name towards another player Thread:
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    Banned account of character - xBKxYuRi

    Character involved: xBKxYuRi Reason: ap/ac first time Duration: 1 month Thread: Proof:
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    Banned account - nedkram

    Character involved: Dinmark Reason: buying for load Duration: permanent Thread: Proof:
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    [Big Event] InfinityMU Event Series XII Autumn Edition (IMES XII)

    InfinityMU Event Series Autumn Edition Hello Infinitians, I am glad to present you another edition of our favourite IMES Event :) Event starts from now on 1st of September 2016 and will be finished on 30th of November 2016. Mechanics, Rules and Guidelines for our IMES XII: • 1. All...