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    Bug with map Valley of Loren

    I cant enter that map,every time when I was trying to warp there game client exit without message I tried many ways to solve this but that still dont work....maybe someone got same problem or can tell me any solution to solve that bug,all other maps works good
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    Recruiting Clouds

    Clouds is back :)...we are recruiting mostly for pk and maybe cs,pm me in game or post here
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    HEM Ezio Events!

    More power to you
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    Recruiting Clouds

    yes,only pk...of course you can join
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    HEM Ezio Events!

    God bless you sir
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    HEM Ezio Events!

    God bless and more power !
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    Recruiting Clouds

    Sorry for the delay...I forgot to answer,sure you can ps. Clouds is looking for strong and loyal members
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    HGM Nikki Events!

    God bless you sir
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    HEM Ezio Events!

    More power and God bless you sir !
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    Aragos's events (Demoted)

    Welcome to Aragos's Event Logs Here i will post my events in this thread. With the following format: Event Type: Server: Prize: Winners: Hope u will enjoy my events :) Aragos's Scoreboard Character namePoints RMMN210 (-1) Hyousuke5 (-1) Parania5 #Pi3 VAMPlRE3 eXxXxXe2 OutlawBand2...
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    Recruiting Clouds

    sure anytime
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    Recruiting Clouds

    go in game im in stadium
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    main cpu usage

    Are there any other solution to reduce that cpu usage? after fix its lower than before but still my game ****s because its about 40-60 %..aby ideas what can help? or I need to trash my pc? ps: before liveguard that was 10-20%
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    Tartarus scepter

    Does anyone drop scepter from kunduns? I tried hunt for that and killed many kunduns but I got only ring
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    Ban Appeal #Arag [CH03] False/Misunderstood Banning

    Account:tyrek333 Character:#Arag GM:Kostas Reason:Hack Usage Ban Duration:Permanent Link: First of all I want to ask what is this hack usage.. what do you mean by this? Can you prove me what...