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    Rookie. & Hyphen-

    @-General. please upload the voting screenshot again WITH NO ADVERTISING BANNERS OF OTHER MU SERVERS. You have an example of how your screenshot should look in here: This is available for the other trading...
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    Winner InfinityMU Author - June 2021

    Hello, dears! I am happy to announce the winner for InfinityMU Author, June Edition! -=1st place=- --- ElMiguel29 10,000 gold credits + 10 FIMES + Poetry Master Tag for 1 month ------------------ Congratulations! Thank you for participating and sharing your talent with the iMU...
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    Store (MedHigh)

    You sure like to spam, Sir @Noras Market thread with the same prefix and title 1: Market thread with the same prefix and title 2: Market thread with the same prefix and title 3...
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    Geezard & MISHCA

    @Ziltch please edit your post and add the screenshot from the correct voting website: @MISHCA please add the screenshot of your goods and also the voting screenshot. This BTA will not proceed if you don't do...
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    MissLyn & -Ochie-

    @MissLyn please add the voting screenshot. Edit your post and add it there. No need to reply to my post. Happy Gaming!
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    Buy 25DV (-Aprhodite)

    Since you're selling 2 types of items, your title should have this format: [Store] (Character Name) But since many like to show what items are they buying/selling, I changed it based on this format: [Buy] Item Name (Character Name) Please keep it in mind for next time. Read and follow the...
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    sorry still waiting

    Please follow this title format: [Sell] Item Name (Character Name) The [Sell] is chosen from the prefix, not written in the title. Please read and follow the Market Place Rules: Your thread will be trashed if you do not edit...
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    Buy $25 VD (WizAugust)

    Please respect the Market Place rules, and write a proper title to your thread. You previously had Draco T2 ELF set+25Rows = $25 VD (WizAugust) which I edited into $25 VD(WizAugust) by changing the prefix from "Sell" to "Buy". Kindly check the Market Place Rules next time you make or edit a...
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    MedHigh and [N]astyRay

    Please provide voting screenshot according to this: or your BTA will not be completed. No need to reply to my post, just edit your post by adding the voring screenshot. Here is how you can exit your post...
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    Castle Siege Event with bet.

    Okay, I see nothing is going towards a concrete decision so I will close this thread since you don't know how to properly use it to express your opinions. If you want this to happen, you can make a thread in which you can share your video links, all of them, from both alliances. And this thread...
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    Buy Sacrifice Moloch Sword,Shield (LyEx)

    Hi, Next time you make a market thread, please read the MArket Place rules to see how your title should look. Here are the Market Place Rules: For this thread I already changed the title. If the IGN of the character you are playing...
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    Castle Siege Event with bet.

    Enough with spitting venom, please. If you want to have a proper discussion about this topic, do it, but without flaming eachother or I will proceed with the ban hammer and also close the thread. I am talking more about @#Brandy and @Poohkey. No need to reply to my post.
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    Banned Forum Acc MalaChiH_

    Forum Account: MalaChiH_; Duration: 3 days ban; Reason: Violating Failed/Fake Reports, 3rd offense; Proof: 1st offense, 2nd offense and 3rd offense. For future notice, please read and follow each Report Section´s rules. They work as guidelines on how to make a proper report. You can find the...
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    IVCam/Droidcam not working..
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    Banned Forum Acc -Chilln

    Forum account: -Chilln; Duration: Permanent; Reason: Forum account used by permanent banned user Gannel, and temporary banned user Vin. Proof: Forum and game accounts verification. Also, this goes as 1st offense for violating the Multiple Forum Accounts rule by Vin.