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  • Hello you can use only 1 sig and 1 userbar 10. Signatures. Only 2 signature is allowed and 1 userbar/quote. Signature size should not be bigger than 400x220 pixels. Userbar size should not be bigger than 400x80 pixels. Maximum of 1 signature is allowed for the 500x400 size and should not extend the specified size. Any type of video is not allowed to use as signature. No por*ographic or any offensive content. Follow the exact size of the signature, because these are our policies.
    No nude/semi-nude gif images or jpeg images as signatures or avatars.Users who place such images will be warned or banned due to the number of offense
    Hello...please be reminded that you can only bump you thread once a day...

    No Marc, I can't do that for you, If I do everyone will do the same thing, please follow my rules ;)
    Sorry you cannot vote in advance in the Top lucky voter's event, when the event is announced to start only during that time could you submit votes.

    You are a new member as I can see. This would serve as a warning. Doing so is a form of cheating.
    Welcome ' im newbie in Furom , but im a Old Player of this game ..
    i,ll try to used Furom :)) to report those who are Play w/ Cheats :))

    - []v[]r.69*
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