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    [Question]Hardware, CPU, AMD FX

    Greetings! I would like to ask the difference on CPU of Amd . Currently i own amd FX 6300 vishera and i want to upgrade it to FX-8350 cause i don't want to waste money on new rams and mobo. Searching the FX-8350 i've seen some types of that one, i guess it's the chip or sth. The list is this...
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    Arcade section!

    Thanks sir nice update. Keep up the good job. I hope it doesn't require a lot of mb in my cellphone
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    Finished Event [Big Event]Infinity Author Poetry Edition

    It's all about jewels Gave him my soul Returned to me a life Willing Refined Game Master Blessed us in White Devias during moonlight It's all about Infinity Relentless times were watching Clouds Masses of Dragons invaded from Skies A Brave Knight came to fight to face the Evil tonight Will...
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    Banned Character DrankeBK

    Banned Character DrankeBK Reason:2nd time spamming Duration:1 day
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    Banned account of character St.Remy

    Character involved:St.Remy Reason:Lag abuse Duration:1 month Proofs: ,
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    Banned Character ridersking

    Banned Character ridersking Reason:Mentioning other mu server Duration:7 days Proofs:, SS is hidden
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    Banned accounts of havost

    Havost account King**** Duration:dont ask proofs:
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    Banned character AgorD

    Banned character AgorD Reason:Family insult via post Duration:10 days Proofs: ,
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    Finished Event [Big Monthly Event] Kill The Boss

    Kill TheBoss Event March Edition 5/3/2017 , Sunday , 2 Hours before are regular CS time Sharpen your Swords, practice your Magic Skills, prepare your bolts/arrows and dominate the Big Boss. Call your friends to assist you, battle your enemies , this is the Event that all of your...
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    Banned Character xMr******

    Banned Character xMr****** Reason:Spamming via /post 2nd time Duration:1 day Proofs:****** ,
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    Finished Event Illusion Arena First Blood

    Illusion Arena First Blood Description After getting some taste from the Promo video above, we are happy to introduce our New Illusion Arena. This event is more likely like any other Massive PK Event. That means: All Classes allowed Pets allowed Shields also allowed Since it will be...
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    Banned Character H2O

    Banned Character H2O Reason:Insult Duration:1 day Proofs: ,
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    Banned Character iTweekZelf

    Banned Character iTweekZelf Reason:Insult Duration:1 day Proof: ,
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    Banned Character Uratex

    Banned Character Uratex Reason:Family Insult Duration: 7 days Proof: ,
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    Banned account exiler200

    Banned account: exiler200 Character Involved:PhantomDW Reason:Staff insult Duration:1 month by account Proofs: