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    help for tracemarry

    This is questions section, not tinder or some other "find a friend" app. You clearly know how tracemarry works, but in case you don't, here is a useful link. If there is a will, there is a way, so go find some friends in game.
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    Forum Event InfinityMU Meme - July 2021
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    Forum Event Fit the Staff Team - July 2021
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    event top monthly rewards

    If you mean top monthly resets, do as Nikki said, provide char name.
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    Denied Appeal [RESiSTANT] AlexRay - Unban Plea

    Send one more useless apology PM with empty words about how sorry you are and you will face consequences in forum as well. You have been told what to do in above post, start actually reading what has been told to you instead of throwing around words that don't mean a single thing. So far you...
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    Banned Forum Acc Cloud. (Ulap), [G]eez!, MrPERU1992, BimBi.

    Masarur also decided to tie a noose around his account by sharing it with Ulap.
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    Denied Appeal Forum account DARK / COPY PASTE /

    Yeah, thank you for bumping and speeding up the simple reply. No. Intentions were not to offend, sure they weren't. In that case, my intention wasn't to ban him, but look what happened. Actions > words. Whole Senior Staff decided that he is to be dealt with only by banning him permanently and...
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    Forum Event InfinityMU Meme - July 2021

    Hello, Infinitians! Here we are again for another month of this event. It's about sharing funny moments connected to InfinityMU through memes, which I think we will all enjoy. - What do you need to do? -You can use any meme generator available on the internet, but here I have chosen 2 which I...
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    Forum Event Fit the Staff Team - July 2021

    Hello creatures! It's time for the one and only: Fit the Staff Team The description of this event is simple: Make a funny picture where you put the names of the staff. The picture can be connected with people, movie characters, fictional characters from anime, pretty much all of the sort...
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    Questions bug reports

    Don't share any information outside of report section, your post has been edited. You did edit it, but that doesn't change the fact that you did fail to read the rules and we have procedures for that that we have to apply sanctions according to forum rules. You were first informed about the...
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    Banned Forum Acc MertcaN

    Forum account - MertcaN Duration - 3 days Reason - Flaming 2nd time Proof - 1st time - Reminder: • Penalty for flaming: - 1st = 1 day ban; - 2nd = 3...
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    Winners Fit the Staff Team - June 2021

    Hello, ladies and gentleman, spamzors and everyone else! I am here to announce the winners of Fit the Staff Team for the month of June! Here they are: #1 SAVIELLE (SAViELLE) Prize: 10,000 gold credits + 10 Forum IMES #2 ElMiguel29 (Hillsong) Prize: 5,000 gold credits + 5 Forum IMES...
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    Winners InfinityMu Meme - June 2021

    Hi guys! I'm very glad to announce the winners for Infinity Memes for the month of June! And we have: 1st place: SAVIELLE (SAViELLE) Prize: 10,000GC + 10 Forum IMES 2nd place: [Warean] ([Warean]) Prize: 5,000GC + 5 Forum IMES 3rd place: None :/ Prize: 3,000GC + 3 Forum IMES...
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    Banned Forum Acc GodOfDeath

    Forum account - GodOfDeath Duration - Permanent Reason - Multiple forum account of Flowers, 1st offense Proof - IP, HWID, IQ I suggest you learn to PM 1 Staff member with your questions, not several, if you want to keep your ability to send private messages. Spam won't be tolerated.
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    Game Suggestion Wizard Teleport & Elf Crossbow

    About crossbows, yeah, diversity is cool, most Elfs play with T2 Draco Bow or Black Edition, don't remember the name, but they are the same in the sense that they do not provide any ancient options, so having crossbows could be cool for style. Problem is, that what makes these bows powerful is...