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    30K GC (xDizzy)

    I have 70k gc=65row
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    My Inquisitor or Cerberus FO (*-[Vex]-*)

    how much cerber set
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    Sold 60,000 Gold Credit (Bauhauz)

    your 60k kc=40row 1605177662 if you deal Make BTa and my IGN:*JM-Draco tnx
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    Sold SELL BK T2 DRACO SET(*Meliodas*)

    2 260ROW SER
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    Sold UBER TMOE/SMOK (Dyes)

    ser i buy DL t1=90row
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    Sold T1 DRACO SET FOR SM (vSodom)

    r row bro
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    Sold T1 DRACO SET FOR SM (vSodom)

    ser its me JMdraco make bta ibuy your t1 my iGN:*JM-Draco tnx
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    Sold Sell 25 VD (daniax)

    =T2 MG DRACO
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    Sell Uber T2 Draco MG+ELF(BOGawr)

    Uber T2 Draco MG+ELF+ROW=$50VD+PROMO(BOGawr) Uber T2 Draco MG+ELF=25$VD EACH SET (BOGawr) Just Mail me Tnx