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Forum Rules
General Rules

1. No Profiting. You will not sell anything unrelated to this site. Anyone caught, it is an automatic ban for all breaking this rule and there is no second chances.

2. No Advertising or Marketing.
You will not market any promotions that are not endorsed and approved by Infinity MU-Online. Blatent promoting of your own website, products or services will result in removal of the material and the possibility of being banned.

3. No Flaming. Try to be nice to one another. You will be warned and your warn level increased and eventually it will end up getting you banned. This is not a place to take out your aggressions. We mainly mean flaming other members. Flaming other members is unacceptable.

4. Offensive account names
The account names you choose must not contain any offensive language at all. Sexual, racism or in any way discriminatory content are not tolerated, as well as excessive swearing. We won't change your name, we will ban you. If you think it might break this rule, it probably will. Don't use it.

5. No Multiple Accounts. No having more than 1 account. If you are caught breaking this than all your accounts will be banned. We do random IP checks.

6. IP Proxies. There is no reason to use an IP Proxy. If you are caught using one you could be banned for it. Also if you use one and you end up matching IPs with a banned user than you will be banned no questions asked. It is a simple fact that if you use a proxy than you have something to hide or are trying to trick us.

7. Illegal Activities. Do not talk about doing illegal activities. There are sites dedicated to this so go there for that kind of stuff. This rule is mainly about trespassing and illegal behaviour. Try and keep the talk as legal as possible please.

8. Spamming. An obvious one but still. I would suggest you post a minimum of 10 words per post. If we notice you are not doing this and frequently have 5 or less words quite often we will warn you to make your posts a bit longer. This is mainly for those who scan the forums and post like 20 posts in an hour which are all real short posts. In general try and add something to the topic besides "I agree" or something like "Cool something something."

9. Respect. This is a separate one from flaming since it is the opposite side. I personally want to try and urge all members to try and help each other out and not degrade each other. Now I am not talking about flaming since that is more severe. I mainly mean when someone has a question don't tell them to use the search button. I want you to try and be helpful to each other. This isn't really a punishment here but more of me trying to urge people to help each other when they need it.

10. Hacks. You will not discuss anything about illegal programs.
If you are caught breaking this than your account will be banned.

11. Signatures.
Only 2 signature is allowed. Signature size should not be bigger than 400x200 pixels. Any type of video is not allowed to use as signature. No pornographic or any offensive content. Follow the exact size of the signature.

12. ChatBox. ChatBox is for small talk. Please use only one language, ENGLISH
Do not post more than 10 times in a row. Do not post any images/videos/links or anything else related to porn as some have done so far.

13.Forum Tags.Every usage of offensive words or anything related to a ****ty behavior will be given a warning. At 2 warnings your TopSpammer/Legend/VIP Tag will be disabled, for an amount of time (depends on how grave the situation was).
We will keep an eye especially on chatbox, not only on general forum posts.

14. Avatar. Your avatar must not contain any kind of pornographic or offensive content. Punishments will be given according to the gravity of the offenses.

15. Private chat. Using the private chat function on our forum doesn't mean that rule number 3 does not count any more just because every one can not see you. (No insulting on private chat of the forums) You want to insult and fight and not get banned for it, do it on IM.

16. Font in posts. Using light fonts in your post is forbidden! We have light style and dark style and we must respect both of them!

17. Language. Using English in all forum board is required. Other languages is allowed only in Guilds and Localized sections of the forum.

18. "Thanks" button. Do not abuse the "Thanks" button,giving "Thanks" to random posts such as posts in Spam Section/Forumer Events is considered as "abuse",but it doesn't mean you can give "Thanks" to any post that isn't on Spam/Forumer Events Section (depends on the contents of the posts and the total amount of "Thanks" that is given by the user).

19. Por**graphic contents. Promoting or posting of pornographic contents is strictly forbidden.

"Rules are subjected to change at any times and players are responsible to accustom to the changes."

Thank you,
InfinityMU Administration.
For breaking above rules you may be warned/banned appropriately!

 I have read, and agree to abide by the InfinityMU Community Forum rules.