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  1. Nikki

    Banned Acc of Char BreakerLaw

    duration: 7 days Reason: selling for real money PRoof: thread, SS
  2. Nikki

    Banned Acc of Char FL0wers, TheS1NNeR

    you want forgiveness, dora accepted it and kept you on 5 days. you started to disrespect him and went for the outlaw cry. Members cant see that outlaw cry staff can. But as you stated you find your ban unfair. its true. you are missing 26 days. so thanks to your cry thread you receive the full...
  3. Nikki

    Banned Acc of Char P4RIS

    DUration: 48 Hours (duration is listed to the amount.) Reason: Toxic player/internet bully. proof: [P4RIS] Command [doooooooooooooooogg] => multiply by 30+
  4. Nikki

    Banned Acc of Char 1sko3dy35

    DUration: 24 Hours (duration is listed to the amount.) Reason: Toxic player/internet bully. proof: [1sko3dy35] Command [fly pgs] [1sko3dy35] Command [you empty player] [1sko3dy35] Command [/post noob cross come arena] [1sko3dy35] Command [noob cross iskoedy wait you arena] [1sko3dy35] Command...
  5. Nikki

    Banned Acc of Char LuckyT_TQ & DesuYO

    DUration: 48Hours (duration is listed to the amount.) Reason: Toxic player/internet bully. proof: [LuckyT_TQ] Command [stupid is you] [LuckyT_TQ] Command [stupid] [LuckyT_TQ] Command [s2pid] [LuckyT_TQ] Command [idyot] [LuckyT_TQ] Command [/post no answer = sacred kjakjakjasdjkasjdsa] [DesuYO]...
  6. Nikki

    Live Guard Problem Pls. Help

    its a connection issue, basic steps you can do your self, reset your modem by shut down the power, wait 3 Minutes and plug it back in.
  7. Nikki

    Denied Appeal Unban Please

    not knowing he used your facebook account => Lie, you get notifications when you make a post and ppl react to it. all proof went back to you. also i told you to read the ban appeal format and as i can see you didnt read it for 100%. wanne play again => click...
  8. Nikki

    Banned Char BETaMAXX

    duration: 1 day Reason: High amount of spam, Normal you should get a warning for your first spam breaking. but as players pointed out you was spamming and the amount of spam was huge and annoying to high amount of players. You go straight to ban. proof: thread , SS , SS2 , SS3 , SS4 , SS5 Also...
  9. Nikki

    Game Suggestion Currency Use (Ring of Winds)

    We have been discussing a new currency for over a year, Venci is i think checking how to inplent it and make it working fine. as it also going to be a currency hard to get. @RESiSTANT if you forgot about it we will talk in discord again about it :)
  10. Nikki

    Banned Account Creamyy

    duration: perm Reason: selling account. proof : click
  11. Nikki

    Infinity MU cannot open

    Exclude the mu folder in your windows defender. And run the auto update again.
  12. Nikki

    Banned Char ..!..

    unbanned and renamed to : 321Badnam3
  13. Nikki

    Banned Account *hidden*

    Duration: Perm Reason: Used By TeamOne => Proof: our liveguard logs :) As the Account is unbanned as it was a rare case like 1/100000 where 2 pc's had the same hwid and pc name. (2/3 hwid matched.) owner of the account and teamone both...
  14. Nikki

    Banned Account shyamnayak

    Duration: perm Reason: used by Havost and Teamone. Proof: hardware check. <= havost <=Teamone
  15. Nikki

    Banned Account khierthc, Bloods_123

    Duration: perm Reason: used by teamone. => Proofs: our chatlogs:
  16. Nikki

    Mac Ban:Pacx /denied /trashed
  17. Nikki

    IVCam/Droidcam not working..

    you do not provide any info about what issue. What the main issue is ( error codes.) NO screens or vids of providing more decent info windows OS: also droidcam has a help page on their website. First Link you get when you type droidcam troubleshooting...
  18. Nikki

    Banned Char ..!..

    duration: till you asked your guildmaster to kick you out of the guild, and you send me a PM that its done. so i can rename it to a badname. Reason: badname. PRoof: your name. Offensive character names The character and guild names you choose must not contain any offensive language at all...
  19. Nikki

    "Bias Staff", "OutlawMU", "Unfair game" discussion (ENGLISH ONLY!).

    Let me tell a little story. back in 2008-2009 all staff where in xViPx and then players where going yhea if your in guild xViPx you get approved and bla bla bla. well that was not true. i was in guild P0rnstar when i got approved as staff then we disbanded the guild few months later and we all...
  20. Nikki

    Banned Acc of Char Suxxovouz, Estesph

    Account Estesph1 is banned perm, player has no brain. each new account you make and act like a dumb you will end up adding months to your main account. so your main account is now banned for 62 days. Estesph also banned acc extra month to main account. 93 days. Banned by hwid.