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  1. Brave

    Banned Forum Acc 0909910116

    Forum account - 0909910116 Duration - Permanent Reason - Multiple forum accounts of Dũng, 1st offense Proof - Confirm via PM & IP
  2. Brave

    Banned Forum Acc -Daga

    Forum account - -Daga Duration - 1 day Reason - Flaming/Insulting 1st time Proof: 4. Respect. No Flaming/Insulting. Try to be nice to one another. This is not a place to take out your aggression...
  3. Brave

    Sell BK T2 Draco set (#BearBrand)

    Hi, I'm Selling a t2 Draco BK, I need 25$ VD or 240 Draconite stones. post in this thread if you're interested. Thanks!
  4. Brave

    Sold 15,000 Gold Credits (#BearBrand)

    Hi! I need to buy 15,000 gold credits and my offer is 16rows PM me in-game or here in the forum thanks!
  5. Brave

    [Guide]Payments through Skrill (Mobile App and Website)

    Hi everyone! Due to the recent announcement of our Administrator @RESiSTANT with regards to Paypal Payments/Donations, I'm here to make a guide on how to use Skrill Online Payment. This guide consists of 2 parts, which...
  6. Brave

    Sold MG T2 Draco Uber set (TRANSiSTOR)

    Good day~ I'll buy Tier 2 Draco MG uber set You can choose b/w my offer: Uber Tier 2 Draco SM set+ 25rows or Uber Tier 2 Draco SM set+ 25,000 gold Credits You can reply, PM me in-game or PM me here in the forum~ Thanks~
  7. Brave

    Sold Gold Credits (TRANSiSTOR)

    Hi Everyone I'm buying Gold credit for Rows 150k Gold Credits= 110rows Let's talk in-game or here in the forum if you deal and let's make BTA. Thanks
  8. Brave


    I would like to take this opportunity to be part of the Moderator team once again. Name/IGN: Melvin/#Bearbrand/Brave Age: 27 Location: Philippines Languages: local language is Bikolano (10/10), Tagalog (10/10), and English (8/10) Unless you want to know me well here is my short introduction...
  9. Brave

    Sold ANY Tier-2 Draco set (TRANSiSTOR)

    Good day! I'm buying ANY T2 DRACO SET my offer is 270 rows+30dracos Post in this thread, Pm me in-game or here in the forum if deal. Thanks!
  10. Brave

    [Guide]How to use Iriun webcam

    Hello Everyone! I'm here to create a guide on how to use the Iriun webcam. Iriun webcam is a free 4k webcam that we can use to record. it's like droid cam use to connect your cellphone to your computer and use as a webcam but iriun webcam can use up to 4 cameras or devices used for recording...
  11. Brave

    Sold 25$ VD (TRANSiSTOR)

    Hello! I'm buying 25$ via donate for 350 rows pm me in-game #Bearbrand/TRANSiSTOR or here in the forum Thanks!
  12. Brave

    [Winners] Brave's Birthday Event

    Hello Friends, Here to announce the winners of my Birthday event. Id like to thank you all for their entries, and thank you also to our Staff Team RESiSTANT for approval of this event and Sponsor. Djinny for all the Help doing this event. Well the poll has been done, we've chosen...
  13. Brave

    Player Hosted Event Brave's Birthday Event

    Greetings, I'm here to announce a my birthday event here at our forum called The voice of InfinityMU How to join: • in this event you need to post a short video singing. Rules: • Video should not be edited must keep it Original • Do not post entry thats comming from the Internet • Video...
  14. Brave

    Game Suggestion Moving Charon, Buff Master, Floki, etc. and Adding Vault in the Aida

    Good day to everyone! Im here just to request and suggest moving some NPCs at Lorencia. As we all know we've been having alot of players online today making alot of crowds in the most busy Continent in the iMU which is Lorencia. Ive seen alot of NPCs that they are having a short distancing. im...
  15. Brave

    [Winners]Special Christmas Event "Christmas in InfinityMU"

    Hello everyone here are the winners of Special Christmas Event "Christmas in InfinityMU" Dated last December 12, 2019 Here is the Thread: Here is the Poll link...
  16. Brave

    [Forum Event] InfinityMU Meme - January 2020

    Hello infinitians! Here we are again for another month of this event. It's about sharing funny moments connected to InfinityMU through memes, which I think we will all enjoy. :trollface: - What do you need to do? :trollface: You can use any meme generator available on the internet, but...
  17. Brave


    (aloha) I'm selling the following Uber: Uber maahes = Uber cloud Or Uber Garuda = Uber sekhmet Also available: Uber tyr blade+ pen + uber sacred+ Uber kantata wind+ 5 Pm me in game or post your offer here! Thanks happy holidays :laugh_xmas:
  18. Brave


    (aloha) Hi guys can I buy 10,000 gold credits for 10 rows Just post here or pm me in game Good day!
  19. Brave

    Trade Uber Poseidon Vengeance Set(TRANSiSTOR)

    (aloha) pips.! I'm selling Uber tier 2 set for SM : Uber Poseidon" Vengeance Set(25$) I need the following sets: Uber Sekhmet set Uber Serket set Also available: UBER SMOK+RING (15$) UBER TYR (NO PEN) (10$) PM ME IN GAME OR POST YOUR OFFER HERE THANKS :3897_ok666:
  20. Brave

    Trade Uber Hyon+Vic+Ring [TRANSiSTOR]

    (aloha) I'm selling: Uber Hyon+Vic+Ring(50$) Uber Tyr sword (no pen)(10$) uber SMOK+U.Sacred ring 15$ I would like the Following: Tier 2 set for ELF or SM(50$) Uber Serket Set (25$) you can post your offer to this thread or pm me here or in forum anytime to talk about this. BRAVE