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  1. >Prince.<

    Game rules update

    I am suggesting to update the old game rules with new game rule. Since I can only see 3 guilds (RedDevil, AYASiB and xOUTLAWx) , mainly I urge to update the game rules to have a better gameplay. There is rivalry, therefore I suggest that we should: - in PVP there is no teamup, we can freely...
  2. >Prince.<

    Denied Appeal >Prince.<

    IGN: >Prince.< Reason: Insult Guild (?) GM: Insomniak Thread: PHOTO 1: " I NO DRACO" where is the insult? PHOTO 2: " I NO DRACO" PROOF3: MI NO DRECO JAJAJAJA BYE GOOD NIGHT REST WHERE'S THE INSULT? PHOTO 5: My name...
  3. >Prince.<

    Sold 25 VD NO PROMO (>Prince.<)

    =190 DRACO +70K GC Make bta anytime if u deal
  4. >Prince.<

    [Discussion]Damage/Defense BUG!

    Hello fellow infinitians, As noticed, many players have discovered a damage/defense bug that works especially on the SM class. This bug is with us for a long time, constanly being exploited during Draconite Hunter event, where players can have an insane damage that kills the mobs in few...
  5. >Prince.<

    Sold >Prince.<

  6. >Prince.<

    Sold 25$ VD (>Prince.<)

    = 280 Draco or offer draco/rows only Prize from triple monthly vote Proof:
  7. >Prince.<


    Name of the GM: DORAEMON Reasons: abuse power and treating players unfairly. I am here to report GM Doraemon for power abusing, as I expected to be banned due to the hate that OUTLAWS has on me, hence, in my report thread I included the fact that I want the opinion from a staff that is not...
  8. >Prince.<

    >Prince.< & Masujdzika

    Seller: >Prince.< Seller offer: 240 draco Buyer: Yulgar Buyer offer: 25$ VD Proof of my draco in vault 2 and 5: Waiting Yulgar to accept this BTA. I want to hold this 25$ for future usage. Thanks Sir @RESiSTANT 1607115216 Please thrash this. i forgot to modity the buyer name, becausae i...
  9. >Prince.<

    >Prince.< & *[Belial]*

    Challenging @Belial for a duel with 220 rows (as he said via post) Read and follow the rules below. *Rules* -show Controll pannel installed program. -Must record in full screen. -Show your hidden icons list one by one so the name could be visible. -Show your task manager with all the running...
  10. >Prince.<

    240 Draco + 340 Rows (>Prince.<)

    S> 240 DRACO + 340 ROWS =50 VD OR 25$ EACH IGN: >Prince.<
  11. >Prince.<

    Approved Appeal >Prince.<

    In Game name: >Prince.< GM: MrPsych0 Bann reason : Macro I am here to appeal for my bann which is linked to macro usage: This is a video that I recorded for >KO< A.K.A Konata. The purpose of this video was...
  12. >Prince.<

    Buy 10 OR 15 VD ( >Prince.< )

    Because I got flaked by the old buyer. Im still buying 10 VD or 15 VD. My offer for 10 VD is T1 SM draco (Ra creation) My offer for 15 VD is T1 SM draco + 80 rows +20k gc. u can find me in game or just make a BTA i'll accept.
  13. >Prince.<

    Sell T1 SM DRACO( >Prince.<)

    As the title say.. i sell T1 SM = 10 VD Or i offer T1 SM + 40k GC+ 40ROWS = 15$VD Just make BTA i’ll accept
  14. >Prince.<

    [Issue opening with play.exe]

    Hi everybody, When I try to open the game with play.exe, I get this error (attached in this SS). How can I solve this? Thx in advance
  15. >Prince.<

    Pingzapper [>Prince.<]

    Hi everybody. I am trying to set up Pingzapper and as much as I know you should copy the setting.ini to Pingzapper. However, I can't find this file. Where do I can copy this file from? TIA
  16. >Prince.<

    Buy $20 VD OR $50 COVID PROMO. (>Prince.<)

    I buy $20 VD or $50 Covid promo. I need Tier 2 Weap (Arthur). = Pure rows +GC. Send me private message.
  17. >Prince.<

    Sell UBER ACCESSORIES+GC (>Prince.<)

    Selling: - Uber Kantata Poison +10 (116) - Uber Kantata Wind +10 (117) - Uber Evis Pend +10 (117) = ROW - Uber Sacred Wind +10 (117) = ROW - 50K GC Leave your offers :dance:
  18. >Prince.<

    Semi Alviss + Prometheus

    What is the best Yellow Option for Semi Alviss+Prometheus? Thanks
  19. >Prince.<

    missing file

    Hi, I've been trying to run autoupdate.exe several times, but it still missing a file named hit.otz something like that. Anyway to prevent that?
  20. >Prince.<

    Grand Reset [>Prince.<]

    Hi all, I have reached 100 resets and I am right now lvl 300.. however, I cannot make a Grand Reset. How is it possible? :)