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    Sell 100k GC = Uber Accessories (Eye)

    As the title mentioned, selling 100k GC in exchange for uber accessories only. Let me know your offers down below or you can just simply private message me here in forum. Thanks
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    Eye Hand Combos (Requesting for Combo Master)

    Hello infinitians, I would like to share my humble vids,gameplay and most likely failed combos during PvP (rage) If you think the music on my video during recording my hands are annoying, feel free to mute it. Aaaand Yes folks, as you can see i am using a Razer product mouse but that doesn't...
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    Forum tag

    Why is my two forum tag is removed from my profile without notify or reason ???
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    Price Check For Uber Rings

    How much is the Uber ring for Ares/Anubis price in rows. Thanks
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    Repairing Gear

    Any idea why i cant repair my Scepter/Blade etc. ? i've relogin many times yet the durability is still unable to repair. thanks
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    How long does it take to get the items from Webshop to vaults in game after donation has been made? Because i need it As Soon As Possible xD Please Answer me and hopefully those items are added to my account too