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  1. NARD

    Problem in Main Website (Character Option)

    Hello Admin and Staff few days ago, I've changed my character from BM to LE. then,when I was trying to Add stats to our Main website, its says that my character is "Invalid Character". is this because my character name had a Symbols ? Thanks
  2. NARD

    [Wiki Team Application] NARD

    Hello Firstly, I would like to introduce myself. I'm Bernard Joseph Benoza,call me Nard for short.I'm Filipino Citizen and currently living in Paris,France and working as part time job.My official language usually I used is "Tagalog". Other language are Pampango,English and Basic French.My...
  3. NARD

    About Voting via Smart Phone ..

    Hello I don't know if it is the right section I post. please Move this in the right Section. Here we go. I'm using Smart Phone 4G (Android) to vote. I've seen some of our voting system like this(see below) doesn't appears the captcha code here's my the sample it doesn't appeared the...
  4. NARD

    (Event Master Application) NARD

    Hello Staff Team Member I introduce myself first :) Name: Benard Joseph Benoza Nickname: NARD Location : Paris,France Citizenship : Filipino Language : Tagalog,Pampango,English and (basic French) Hobbies : Basketball,Walking around Paris ;),Playing guitar and ofc InfinityMu Here we Go Why...
  5. NARD

    Best AFK I've made :)

    Best AFK/OTT I've made :) hello .. just sharing ;) it's been a week(s) since I was online ..ehe and finally I got DC .. Hope you like it ..
  6. NARD

    [Event]just greet me HAPPY BiRTHDAY

    Hello Everyone Here's my event for today for my birthday blow out :) Ok let's start Copy/Paste this word Happy Birthday TRiBAL Rules no double post no multiplying account no other words to say/type/post PRiZE 8TH poster will receive PAiR AA FO 13TH poster will receive 2000 credits via SMS...
  7. NARD

    [EVENT]scramble letters

    Hello Infinitian's Lets have Fun in Forumer Events :) Today I'm going to test your brain This Event called SCRAMBLE LETTERS How to participate? °FIND the scramble letter that i've given °POST your correct answer °I'll give you a CLUE how many words they are GOLDEN RULES -> no double post...
  8. NARD

    Pioxy aka GM Pioji and Pikkio

    Rules: No Pilot. BM vs BM. No cheats. No shield. No pet. No buff / Self-buff only. No reason for quit accepted. No cry after lose. Type /Respect in front of winner.(except from Pioji/Pioxy) duel sv3 or 4 I bet 01 FO set + PAIR of your choice.(each of you) I would like to have the attendance...
  9. NARD

    [DUEL]Sephirotho vs SirStark

    dont acuse me im SH w8 our video ..
  10. NARD

    62 Hours Online Time Trade XD ->SirStark

    62hours AFK ->SirStark Server 4
  11. NARD

    [See the Difference]french and international keyboard

  12. NARD

    [Potting Rate]PoSiTaNo / lSaGiSaGl

    to accusing me im bug abusing my Potting Rate Before and this is now w/ Fraps ThiS is FoR you Cris7y
  13. NARD


    my potting rate just sharing ^_^
  14. NARD

    about voting

    Hi! can i vote thru iPhone to get some credits?? i want to try if possible but maybe i ask first before i do it ^_^v
  15. NARD

    question about my uber set

    why my uber set is increases stamina +5 and increases agility +5 instead of increases stamina +10 and increases agility +10 i've seen in webshop in screenshot its +10 here some PROOF
  16. NARD

    quesion and help

    hi how can i recover my OLDER account if someone change my email address? how?answer plz ^_^ thank you
  17. NARD

    about UBER SET

    hello can i ask question? its possible to transfer my uber set to other account ?? thnx
  18. NARD

    for video

    how to post video in here ^_^ thnx
  19. NARD


    hi guys where can i post SS in here?
  20. NARD


    how to post SS in here?